During the Board Retreat, August 5-6, 2016, there was discussion about how to properly organize the various committees, teams, and ministries aligned with policy based governance. Jack stated that the “ends” are foundational to the oversight mechanism of this organizational model, which he also documented in his August board report. The following 5 Ends Statements were unanimously adopted at the August 5 and 6 Board Retreat:

BOT Ends:

  • By the 2017 annual meeting, ESUC will have a multi-year (5-7) financial plan to manage the resources of the church.
  • Within two years, we will develop a plan to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and membership activities.
  • Within two years, we will achieve sustainable membership growth (new members and retention) through increased generational and cultural diversity.
  • In five years, ESUC will be a diverse community welcoming people of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and cultural, ethnic and gender identities. We will increase membership in the 18-35 age group and work to more closely represent the demographics of Bellevue.
  • East Shore social and earth justice activism provides an opportunity to publicly live out our UU principles.

In fidelity to these principles, we will measure outcomes each fiscal year to ensure the resources of our community are being leveraged most effectively.