Use this web page to keep yourself informed about the work of the Interim Transition Team (ITT) and The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC).

The results of the listening sessions can be found here.

Objectives for ITT’s Process: 

  • Provide Elaine and the Board of Trustees data for managing to the current needs of the congregation.
  • Provide the Ministerial Search Committee and ministerial candidates with a profile of current characteristics of our community.
  • To provide the congregation with an opportunity to reflect on itself in an informed manner as we move through this time of transition.

Next Steps for ITT: We will be exploring with the congregation, how our history informs our identity.

Transition Team
Aleta Finnela
Bruce Sillers
Bert Valesco
Clair Voetberg

Ministerial Search Committee
Mary Anderson
Rhonda Brown
Ann Fletcher
Janet Garrow
Milly Mullarky
Ed Rittenhouse
Andy Voss
Shirley Worth