East Shore’s New Covenant of Right Relations

by Louise Wilkinson

The Right Relations Task Force shared our new Right Relations Covenant at the Congregational meeting on June 3rd. We are grateful to all of you who surfaced the need for Right Relations training and a Right Relations covenant at the summit we had … read more.

New Title for Jason Puracal

We congratulate Jason Puracal on his new title of Executive Director of East Shore Unitarian Church starting July 1, 2018. The Board unanimously voted this change of title for Jason in May, and the congregation upheld the vote with the budget approval in June, because … read more.

Returning to Two Services: A History

by Walter Andrews

Since announcing the return to two services in the Fall (starting September 23), there has been a some questioning whether this is the right time. I thought it would be a good idea to give a little background and a little history that … read more.

East Shore Gallery: What’s Next?

by Mary Anderson

The Quilt Exhibit, which has graced our foyer for the past 3 months, ended on June 24. This has been such a colorful and interesting show. We thank all of the quilters, and families of quilters, for entrusting us with their heirlooms. If … read more.

East Shore Live: Thank You and Looking Ahead

by Grace Colton

Our fourth season, of four shows, has been a success! The entire season had about 340 attendees and made $3,500 for East Shore Unitarian Church. East Shore LIVE is a high quality performance series organized by church volunteers with a passion for the … read more.