Our goal is to provide a ministry of hope and caring so that no member or friend of our congregation need be alone during a crisis or other time of need. We:

  • connect with those who are ill, lonely at home, or in recovery at a medical facility.
  • support those going through a life crisis.
  • maintain contact with those unable to attend worship services due to illness or disabling condition.
  • support those involved in caregiving.
  • comfort the bereaved.

Lay Ministers

Our pastoral care is fulfilled by a team of Lay Pastoral Ministers. While they are not ordained ministers, they have vast personal experience in counseling, nursing, life coaching, and hospice care.  They are all natural caregivers and members of our East Shore community, and they.are ready to fulfill the goals of pastoral care as listed above.

Lay Pastoral Ministry Team
Dennis Calvin
Connie Hirnle
Lee Vierling
Donna Von Bargen

This team can be identified by the light blue ribbons attached to their name badges on Sunday.  The Pastoral Care Corner, located in the back of the Sanctuary, is also a good place to connect. Take a bookmark home and/or fill out a Pastoral Care Card so that someone can respond to your need.

Helping Hands

At East Shore we believe that everyone is good for something, and there are many ways that everyone can lend a helping hand. You may be good for a casserole, some household chores, or a ride to the Doctor’s for an ailing friend. See the sign-up sheet at the Pastoral Care Table in the back corner of the Sanctuary and the list of ways to help others in the congregation. The Helping Hands program is coordinated by Carol Sinape, who may be reached at 425-644-9768. Otherwise, you may call the church office at 425-747-3780.