Current Show: Re-Home Your Art

June 17-September 3

No slides are available.

You know that awesome piece of art you bought a while ago? You’ve loved it for years but now it doesn’t suit your style or space? Donate it to the Re-Home Your Art Show! 100% of the profit goes to East Shore’s Operating fund.
Pick out your loved (but no longer wanted) Art: wall art, ceramics, jewelry, fiber art, etc. Items must be in good condition: clean with no damage.

Between NOW and May 28th bring them to the drop-off box behind the Gallery desk. Fill out the donation form. You are done! Donations will be encouraged throughout the summer as well.

A true win/win/win. Your home and your taxes are lighter (you’ll receive a charity donation form.) ESUC makes money. And a new owner gets a great piece of art for low, low prices. Triple awesome!

Start collecting and bringing NOW!

Upcoming Shows

Season of Invitation: September 10

East Shore Gallery

East Shore Gallery, founded in 1967, is one of the oldest galleries on the Eastside. The Gallery provides a venue for Northwest artists, and arts exposure and enjoyment for the community. Entirely volunteer-run, the Gallery mounts several themed shows each year, plus an annual holiday show. Volunteers curate each show, carefully selecting artists whose work fits with the theme. Shows include art across a variety of media—paintings, prints, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, baskets, wood, and a wide array of jewelry.
Membership in the Gallery is open to the East Shore community. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in staffing Sunday sales, and to curate, hang, and take down shows.

For more information about the gallery committee, please contact Jeni Skuk or Cindy Snyder, co-chairs.

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