Rev. Elaine Beth Peresluha

A Day For More Than Flowers

Today, we recognize Mothers Day and welcome our new members to East Shore. We place both into the context of the world in which we live, and this moment in time for East Shore.

Heroes and Their Fall from Grace

Easter Sunday tells the archetypal story of the hero. We tend to crucify our heroes- for some very profound reasons. Today the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth has a tale to spin that reflects each of our lives, and spiritual journeys.   Reading: The Contract by William Ayot A word from the led … Continued

Poetry Month

April is National Poetry month and this Sunday we are combining the art of poetry and music with the mindful practice of meditation to offer you a contemplative moment of peace in the midst of the world’s, and perhaps your life’s, chaos.

The Spirituality of Art

Today we commemorate the East Shore Gallery’s 50th Anniversary and our affirmation of the way in which art can inspire our hearts and soothe our souls.

The Great Turning

We live in the midst of a great global change of heart, and the world’s fear of and resistance to this shift towards a more nurturing, appreciative, sustainable, life enhancing human presence on this earth. Today we worship in the spirit of “the work that reconnects” by Joanna Macy. Sermon There are two equinoxes every … Continued