Rev. Elaine Beth Peresluha

Promote Justice

Today we will honor those who have worked effectively with heart and mind to promote justice and look forward to anther year. The Earth and Social Justice Council and I will share our vision of the inward and outward focus essential to promoting justice in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Build Community

Building community is not that different than building a house, or a college fund, or a dream. There is a vision that inspires us, then a foundation to establish. From there, we have a structure to complete. Let’s review the basics of building, and envision the possibilities that can inspire us as we move forward. … Continued

Explore Spirituality

What does it mean to have spirituality in our lives? What should we explore? How do we explore and what can spirituality bring to our lives. Come, come whoever you are. Though you have broken your vows a thousand times, come yet again, come. Readings This Only A valley and above it forests in autumn … Continued

Practice Love

This Sunday, Elaine begins a series of worship services exploring East Shore’s mission statement. Each Sunday we will reflect on the meaning and opportunities of each phrase in our mission statement. This week we begin with Love. How will we practice love this year? SERMON: Practicing Love My daughter Cate called me yesterday morning- I … Continued

A Day For More Than Flowers

Today, we recognize Mothers Day and welcome our new members to East Shore. We place both into the context of the world in which we live, and this moment in time for East Shore.