Staff Leadership Team Heads to General Assembly

We are excited to announce that our Staff Leadership Team (Elaine, Aisha, and Jason) were selected to lead a workshop at the General Assembly in New Orleans this coming week.  The workshop is called “Transition: How We Are is Who We Are,” which will illustrate how to model collaborative leadership in a way that empowers decision making based on skills rather than position. How we operate reflects our values, and justice work starts at home.

Aisha will also be co-leading a workshop with two ministers called, “Children & Race: ‘The Talk’ is Too Late,” which discusses that by age four, kids have already internalized the message “white is better.” Yet often congregations, caregivers, and white parents don’t talk about race or racism until kids are older, if at all. What tools for adults can help children of all colors counter white supremacy and develop healthy racial identities? Aisha will present a version of this workshop to RE parents this fall.

This is also an opportunity for East Shore to share and be represented in a positive, progressive way with our larger UU community. Dianne and Nicole will be covering operations during Sunday the 18th and 25th.