300 Trees Give Away

Mar 30, 2021 | Beacon, Climate, Justice, News

On March 6, East Shore’s Earth & Climate Action Ministry members joined with other volunteers to help 300 Trees, a local environmental group, distribute about 250 trees free of charge to Bellevue residents. The aim is to help the city of Bellevue reach its goal of increasing tree canopy coverage to 40%. Native trees such as Douglas fir, shore pine, cascara, vine maple, California hazelnut and western red cedar were given away free to encourage residents to act for the climate and conservation.

If you are interested in helping wildlife and combating climate change, consider planting trees in your yard! Increasing tree canopy will help your city become cleaner, greener, and healthier. We hope to sponsor another Tree Give Away in the fall so keep your eyes out for that!

After, we received this message from Don Marsh, Co-founder, 300 Trees

Thank you very much for allowing 300 Trees to use the church parking lot for our March 6 tree giveaway for Bellevue residents!

With the assistance of our volunteers, including quite a few from your church, we were able to distribute over 250 trees in an efficient and safe way (masked and socially distanced).  By our accounting, this event was five times bigger than our first event last fall.  Over 100 recipients were grateful to receive their trees, and three Bellevue council members (Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuis, Janice Zahn, and Conrad Lee) came to observe how it was going.  Enhancing and preserving Bellevue’s native tree canopy is something everyone can love!

We are so grateful for all the good things your church does for our community.