A Taste of Seabeck: January 26

Jan 2, 2019 | News

Join us on Saturday, January 26th at 6:30 p.m. for “A Taste of Seabeck!”

Seabeck is the name we give to our annual UU Memorial Day weekend multi-age retreat on the Hood Canal for East Shore and University Unitarian Church members. It’s held at the Seabeck Conference Center, a beautiful and relaxing campus with houses and meeting rooms located on a gentle grassy slope overlooking the Hood Canal and the Olympic mountains.

Seabeck is a wonderful way to relax and spend time getting to know other members of our two churches. There are workshops and activities for all ages throughout the weekend, including fun activities to keep the children engaged and occupied. This is such a safe environment that many parents are able to let their older kids roam free for the weekend, and barely see them. The children quickly form friendships with other children of their age, and become passionate about coming to Seabeck every year, and to other church events, to meet up with their friends.

Seabeck is also a special place for those who prefer quiet relaxing, chatting with friends, going for a hike, or curling up with a good book. We come together for meals, but apart from that you have free choice over how you spend your weekend.

To give members of the two churches who haven’t been to Seabeck before an opportunity to sample some of the kinds of activities on offer, and for all of us to experience some of the fellowship so many of us have come to love, this year we have a special “Taste of Seabeck” event:
What: A Taste of Seabeck – It’s a party, a reunion and an introduction all rolled into one!
When: Saturday January 26th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: East Shore Unitarian Church Sanctuary and North Room
Who: All members and friends of ESUC and UUC who enjoy or are curious about Seabeck, or who just want to enjoy a fun social evening with other UUs.

Suggested donation of $15 goes to ESUC Operating Fund which supports (among other things), Seabeck Scholarships! You can register for January 26 online now!


  • Music/Improv by Guy Nelson (our featured speaker for this year’s Seabeck) and John Chmaj
  • Live music and dancing with the Waybacks (Craig Nelson’s 60’s + 70’s band)
  • Tasty snacks
  • Games and fun activities for all ages
  • Singing
  • Childcare for those who are too young to participate!

So come join us for an evening of fun on Saturday Jan 26th, and consider coming to Seabeck on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27th, 2019. Online registration for Seabeck opens on Jan 28th, for returners, and on Feb 4th for everyone else.