Approved by the Board of Trustees on November 20, 2018

2018-2019 Board Goals

1. Financial strategy
ESUC has a five-year financial strategy. This will be reviewed on an annual basis.

  • By 12/2019 we will review the implementation of the endowment charter
  • By 6/2019 we will have a congregational vote on disposition of the Holly House property
  • By 6/2020 we will prepare the congregation for a vote on use of the proceeds of the Holly House disposition

2. Developmental Ministry Goals
During the tenure of the Developmental Minister, we will:

  • Inspire a healthier culture at East Shore
  • Continue to implement policy-based governance
  • Establish a leadership and volunteer development program
  • Grow membership

3. Beloved Community
We will nurture a sustainable Beloved Community by making measurable progress moving our congregation from multi-culturally aware to anti-racist with specific attention to lifelong learning, pastoral care, and theology.

4. Strategic Campus Plan:
By the 2020 Congregational Meeting, we will have a Preliminary Master Campus Plan that leverages the value of our infrastructure resources for the purposes of:

  • Becoming a hub of earth and social justice ministry teams and affiliated outside organizations
  • Serving as an emergency preparedness and response center
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our facilities and membership activities
  • Measuring impact of our earth and social justice activism to ensure the resources of our community are being used most effectively.