Approved by the Board of Trustees on August 15, 2017

BOT Ends:

1. By December 1, 2017, ESUC will have an initial 5 to 10 Year Financial Strategic Plan, developed by the Leaders of the Financial Stewardship Team in collaboration with the DFO, ESUC Board, and other ESUC leaders with the understanding that this plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. (It is noted that this effort is well underway, led by the Financial Stewardship Team.)

…..1.1 By December 1, 2017, East Shore will determine and document how best to utilize its Endowment for maintaining capital assets of the church’s campus.

…..1.2 By the Annual Congregational Meeting in June, 2018, ESUC will have a plan reviewed and approved by the Congregation for the development of the Holly House property that will result in proceeds to ESUC of at least $1M.

2. ESUC will be prepared for a Settled Minister by the fall of 2019. The following actions will be complete prior to preparing the information packet for the new ministerial candidates, including:

  • A covenant of Right Relations
  • Stable staff (paid / unpaid) to appropriately meet the needs of the church
  • Sustainable Finances and preparation for an external audit
  • Policy-based governance is fully implemented and accepted
  • In the 2018/19 review of ends the Board will be able to define what it means to explore spirituality based on their experience of living our mission and vision statements.

3. During the period of 2017-2019, will further enhance the prevailing level of trust through the further development of skills in right relationship, and growth opportunities offered in classes, workshops, trainings, worship, and ongoing support.
We will document the processes for transparency, right relationships, anti-racism, and religious tolerance in a behavioral covenant that is supported by all staff and a majority of voting members.

4. By 2019, we will achieve membership growth (new members and retention) to sustain the church through increased generational and cultural diversity.

5. We will make measurable progress moving our congregation from a multi-culturally aware congregation to anti-racist as defined by Julica Hermann de la Fuente, with specific attention to lifelong Learning, pastoral care, and theology.

6. East Shore social and earth justice activism provides an opportunity to publicly live out our UU principles. In fidelity to these principles, we will measure outcomes each fiscal year to ensure the resources of our community are being leveraged most effectively.

7. By 2019, we will develop a plan to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and membership activities. We will also have plans for Emergency Preparedness.