Accountability Group Starting

Jul 24, 2021 | Beacon, News

Did you know that people are 95% more likely to reach their goals when they share them with a group and meet regularly to review them?
Do you need a little social push or pull to keep moving forward on a goal?  Do you want to be part of a supportive group that builds connection, and gets things done in the process?

A real-time accountability group might be for you!  I would love to talk to any ESUC people who are interested in forming one.

Here’s how I’m envisioning it, briefly:

  • 5-6 people meet once a week in real time for an hour, via video or phone, to work on a personal project.
  • First 5-10 minutes: check-in, tell the group what you plan to accomplish in the next 40-50 minutes.
  • Next 40-50 minutes:  work on your project
  • Last 5-10 minutes:  check-out, share what you accomplished, reflect on how it went. Group members offer and receive support.
  • Leadership of meetings would rotate monthly.
  • The group ideally would be the same people each week, commit to perhaps 3-6 months.

Between meetings, we can share on a discussion board such as a Facebook group, how things are going or resources we may like to share on the topic. This would be optional. If interested, please contact Elaine Cox, [email protected], mobile 617-851-0527