Annual Congregational Meeting: June 13, 11:30 am

Apr 30, 2021 | Beacon, Members News

Voting members will elect a new Board and adopt a budget for 2021-22. There are also changes to the bylaws. There will also be a vote on adoption of the 8th Principle (see Board Buzz). More information will be available in the coming weeks, but please mark your calendars. The meeting will be on Zoom in the same room as worship.

2021-22 Slate of Candidates

The East Shore Nominating Committee has completed the slate of candidates for next year’s Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee positions. This slate will be voted on at the June 13 Congregational Meeting.

The positions in bold print are up for election. The others are informational, to provide a complete list of members who will serve during the next church year.

In addition to the slate of candidates from the Nominating Committee, our church bylaws allow Nominations by Petition. Members in good standing may nominate themselves or others for any position up for election. To do so, signatures of at least fifteen members of the congregation must be presented to the church office at least 21 days in advance of the Annual Congregational Business Meeting along with a signed statement from each prospective nominee of willingness to serve if elected. The deadline this year is Wednesday, May 23, 2021. No additional nominations will be received after the stated period.

Questions about the election process may be directed to the current members of the Nominating Committee: Martin Cox, Jeanne Lamont, Janis Pock, Sheridan Botts, and Leta Hamilton.

Please join us in thanking all our candidates and current Board and Committee members for their dedication to our church!