Anti-Racism Resources

As more and more of you are starting and continuing conversations about racism in America, Beloved Racial Justice and Right Relations wanted to offer these resources for growing. These groups as well as members of the Board, Adult Programming, Worship, and Membership are working on new activities during the summer and fall mostly for white members in all stages of their anti-racism journey. Keep on the lookout!

Options for Individual Learning

The Scaffolding Anti-Racism Resources is a document to help better understand where you are a a white person in your anti-racism journey and next steps to do with a group or as an individual.

Justice in June” provides resources to be used daily for a month based on how long you have to devote each day:  10 minutes, 25 minutes, 45 minutes.  Most of the links were pulled from: Anti-racism Resources and 97 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice- Comprehensive Ally Resources