Beloved Conversations this Fall

Aug 30, 2020 | Learning, News, Racial, Top News

Register by September 15, classes begin in October

Beloved Conversations will be available again this fall in a new virtual format! The Fahs Collaborative, a cohort of religious educators, is announcing Beloved Conversations: Virtual – an updated curriculum designed to create deep exploration and connection using technology. This new program is longer, more intensive, less expensive, and centers on the needs of Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC). Focusing on heart and body, Beloved Conversations provides learning in a context of grace where imperfection is expected, and vulnerability is welcome. The program is much more flexible and allows groups of people to work together choosing times that suit their needs.

The first phase of Beloved Conversations is Within, which focuses on the individual and personal work we each need to do. Within will be offered in the fall, beginning in early October, and the program will include separate sessions for White and BIPOC groups. The curriculum includes six topics that involve individual work along with discussion in a group format. All groups will meet twice monthly for about ninety minutes, and scheduling will be at the group members’ convenience. The sessions will be facilitated by the members of each group versus having an assigned facilitator. This phase will take about three months. Within this time period, there will be three larger facilitated meaning-making sessions that will provide for discussion within a spiritual framework. Additional Within workshops will be scheduled in the Spring.

The other two phases of Beloved Conversations are Among, which focuses on the institution – our church; and Beyond, which focuses on the work outside the congregation in our communities. These phases will be released in the future and congregations will engage with them when ready.

Registration for fall runs September 1 to September 15. The cost is $150 per person, and scholarships can be made available. No one will be turned away! Some of us have had more opportunity to gain wealth than others. If you can add $50 to your payment, this could help someone else afford the tuition.

Use link to get registered, or email Amanda Uluhan at [email protected] to request financial support.

See the website for more in-depth information.

by Louise Wilkinson