Black Lives Matter: Get Your Sign

Jun 30, 2020 | Justice, News, Racial, Top News

Taken from the Annual Report: Black Lives Matter, and there are many ways for us to be involved – as a church community and individually. There are books to read, movies to watch, and events we can attend. Our work is just beginning. As a church community, we have given witness to Black Lives Mattering with Flash Stances and the signage at the corner of our church property.

I feel it is time for my wife and me, as individual members of this church community, to also bring focus to those around us that Black Lives Matter. We have ordered a Black Lives Matter sign that we will prominently place in our front yard for all to see as they go by our house. I would like to invite all East Shore members with houses to join us in individually giving public witness to Black Lives Mattering by purchasing a sign and standing with the People of Color in our church community and those in the wider community.

The church has ordered 100 Black Lives Matter signs available for our members to purchase at around $10 each which can be purchased online at and picked up in the Sanctuary. Perhaps those living in apartments, townhouses, or condos could place a Black Lives Matter sign in a window (if allowed by the HOA). Then, take a picture of the sign in your yard or window and email to Nicole at [email protected] to be included in our emails and social media. And, please let Nicole know it is OK to include your name.

Even though we must social distance, we can individually as members, and thus collectively as a church community, stand up for and add our voices to the witnessing that Black Lives Matter.

by Dennis Fleck