Blues and Jazz Appreciation (BAJA) Club

Jan 31, 2023 | Beacon, News

I am starting a new social group at East Shore and  need five people to volunteer so we can create an official Church affinity team.

This is what I am thinking:

  • Open to ESUC friends and members. singles, couples, partnered (whose significant others don’t dig this type of music)
  • Quarterly outings to listen to live blues or jazz music in our region. (As the group grows it can be more frequent)
  • Eastside and Seattle venues
  • Free to fancy events
  • Amateur, local bands to national acts
  • Indoors or outdoors

I am committed to keeping up our email list and doing the publicity for the upcoming events, but I am looking for event ambassadors help make this happen.

Event Ambassadors will:

  • Gather all event info. and forward it to me.
  • Be the lead for an event and gather the RSVPs.
  • Arrange for carpooling from East Shore if needed.
  • Purchase tickets for the group in advance if that is needed (you will be reimbursed by those attending).

Interested in joining this fun new social group? Email Jeanne Lamont