Board Buzz: 2021 Goals

Aug 31, 2021 | Beacon, Members News, News

The Board wishes to solicit input from the Congregation in setting this year’s Church Goals.

The format we are using this year is a little different than in the past.  We have the proposed goals listed and possible actions by the three parts of our governance system: the Board, the Staff and the Congregation.

A disclaimer is in order.  Suggesting possible actions for the Staff and the Congregation is not to dictate what has to be accomplished.  Instead, we are providing ‘on-ramps’ for people to see how they might align and support the direction the Board has set.

Please join the effort. Volunteerism is at the core of getting people to attach to the mission and the community.

Goal 1: Create a More Collaborative Culture

One potential Board action is to hold more congregational meetings to increase transparency. One potential Staff action is to focus on re-opening after covid, and enable us to able to pass the annual Welcoming Congregation Certification. A potential Congregational action is to attend our circles on conflict resolution and establishing covenants. A note: when you have a staff liaison, ask yourself, “how can they best be utilized?”  They can help navigate the red tape stuff.  The staff is never there to take over.

Goal 2: Expand the Social Outreach Into the Wider Community and Strike a Higher Profile in Our Broader Community

One potential Board action is to participate in outreach (whom do we support now and how else can we help?). A potential Staff action could be to streamline teams for efficiency & allow for more access points for new volunteers. A suggested potential Congregation action could be to bond with other UU churches in what they do.

 Goal 3: Integrate and Encourage Participation and Consideration of Children and Youth in All that We Do

One potential Board action could be to attend and volunteer in support of Youth events. A potential Staff action could be to investigate the Widening the Circle of Concern Report more deeply for goals and planning. A suggested potential Congregation action might be to plan multi-generational events.

Goal 4: Act on Our Commitment to the Eighth Principle

A potential Board action is to engage in Beloved Conversations ‘Among’. One potential Staff Actions is to engage with the Widening the Circle of Concern Report. A potential Congregation actions is to sponsor more book talks and education.

Goal 5: Review and Support Policy Based Governance

One potential Board action might be to evaluate all Board Committees and Core Teams. A potential Staff action might be to maintain an RE Committee. A potential Congregation action might be to accept SLT direction in operations,

Goal 6: Study Sustainability of Finances, Staffing, Membership and Endowment

Some potential Board actions might be to hold town halls to talk about money; and, form a task force to study successful churches. One potential Staff action is to increase visibility through PR and branding. A suggested potential Congregation action might be to find ways to be more welcoming and inclusive (especially in teams).

Hopefully this writing has given you a better idea of the thoughts going into our Board goal-setting process. I believe these goals match our times and our situations.  I am looking forward to an amazing year with all of you. “Church is where we grow our hearts…”

by Maury Edwards, Secretary