Board Buzz: From the President November 2019

Oct 31, 2019 | News

by Dennis Fleck, Board President

Honoring Rev. Karen Taliesin

It was such a pleasure to honor the Reverend Karen Taliesin and Brian Taliesin on October 6 and to wish them safe travels as they leave for Nairobi, Kenya. Please be sure to read the letter from Reverend Taliesin where she shares their future and asks that there be a dissolution of her Minister Affiliate relationship with East Shore as she will no longer be in the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon Bake

I missed Salmon Bake this year as I was returning from a fishing trip to Alaska that morning, but heard that attendance was down significantly this year. Your Board will be discussing the future of Salmon Bake, as we reflect upon diminishing salmon, the Orca, and the need for leadership to plan the event. The last several years your Board has taken on the planning/organizing activities (with significant effort by Nicole Duff), and that probably isn’t the best use of Board time. Perhaps Salmon Bake is no longer of importance to our membership and a different type of ingathering celebration would be more appropriate. More information will be forthcoming as the future of Salmon Bake is discussed. As always, your Board members are interested in your thoughts.

Board Meeting Increase

At the September Board meeting, your Board decided to increase its meetings from one to two times a month. We have agreed to invest the additional time so we can learn from Pam Orbach, and improve our methods of working together. I know that this is especially difficult for Board members who have children at home and/or are still working. When you see a Board member, please join me in thanking them for investing so much of their limited time and energy. Additionally, I wish to acknowledge and thank Pam for her gift of the additional time in support of our church. Our second Board meeting will be the fourth Monday of the month – except December, where we will have only the single meeting.

North Room Patio

As long as I am extending thanks, I wish to also thank Colton Burd and Gary Burd, for the beautiful patio outside the North Room. Colton is the son of Gary Burd and Grace Colton, and he selected the patio project as part of his Eagle Scout requirement. What a beautiful and useful gift that we have received. The funds to purchase the materials were gifted by East Shore members, and a plaque acknowledging their gift will be installed.

Mission Fund Drive

The Mission Fund Drive team needs to be established, and the sooner the better. We will be discussing this at our October Board meeting. If you would like to help, please let a Board member know what you would like to do. We need your help.

There is a lot more that I could share, but I will leave that for next month.

Yours in covenant, Dennis