Board Buzz: Goals

Aug 30, 2022 | Beacon, News

This month, goal setting is the priority. Some call them Board Goals, some call them Church Goals. What would you call them? Although the Board sets goals, the goals should reflect the direction the whole church is heading, and the congregation should be a part of that process. You might ask why we need goals in the first place. The reality is the Board can often get overwhelmed with the avalanche of items flowing onto our lap to resolve. As a result, sometimes it can feel like nothing ever gets done, and that can be very deflating for Board members. Goals can help us focus our discussion and decisions as we resolve those items and we can set motions that are a reflection of the goals. Having 2-3 goals that are a bit of a stretch, but also attainable, are important so when they are accomplished we can look back and actually feel, as a Board, we did some things together that were really great! There will be a lot of things that start and stall or just plain fall flat so having something to go back to and focus on is really important.

Taking our time on these may be even more important as we have only three returning Board members this year. Getting to know our new Board members alone would be a big enough transition worthy of slowing down and making sure we are tending to relationship building over getting things done. When you add into the mix the amazing transition that we have waited so long for… the transition of getting a settled minister! This should signal that perhaps, business as usual needs to take a side step over relationship building and getting our house in order. What things can we do to make that happen? What things are we already working on? What can be postponed or delayed just a little bit as we nurture these bonds?

by Signe Lalish-Menagh, ESUC Board President