Board Buzz: What Can I Do?

Nov 1, 2022 | Beacon, Members News

Have you ever asked yourself, what can I be doing better, doing more of, doing differently that will really feel right and gratifying? Have you ever asked yourself, what could I be doing that energizes me, gets me going, challenges me, and makes me grow? Engaging with this church, with its mission and congregation, has made me ask myself these questions. Sometimes in worship, sometimes in studying, and sometimes just doing volunteer work, I have one of these UU moments: moments when I am struck by how deeply I believe in something; moments that make me — drive me — to ask myself, what is the best possible thing I can do, right here, right now, for what I believe in most?

I speak from experience when I say that volunteering at East Shore — for a committee, like the Nominating Committee, or for a ministry, like R.E. — is one of the most gratifying experiences life has to offer. These special UU moments convey a special feeling – a feeling that there’s a way to work towards a truly deeper reward, a reward that nourishes you, that challenges you, to do better, to do differently, to do something — even something small — that makes this world a better place.

East Shore is a vessel that holds and carries our mission forward. And our mission is love, is justice, is taking care of this world, our world, and the children who are the promise of the future. Know that this institution, this community, needs you. Both the mission and the vessel that carries it, deserve your time, your energy, and your commitment at whatever level you of which you are capable.

I’ve been striving to embrace this mission, the life of this church, for a decade or more. My work as a volunteer has drawn me in, nourished me, and helped me to discern what I can do, here and now, that will make a real difference. I’ve volunteered in many ways, from brewing coffee to leading the Family Covenant Circle, and now I serve on your Board of Trustees. The deeper I look, the more I see. After all this time, my curiosity has only grown.

Even when I’m tired, or frustrated, or have other problems to worry about, I remember that East Shore, with this mission — to promote racial, economic and environmental justice — is a wellspring of opportunity. It is an opportunity for all of us to channel our energy, our conviction that through love, through community, you can make a difference, you can be of service, and at the same time, be nourished and appreciated.

So ask yourself: what can I be doing better, what can I be doing more, to make this world the best it can be, both for this community, here and now, and for all beings, for generations to come? I invite you, personally, to contact me. Talk to me, to any member of the Board, to Rev. María Cristina, to Nicole Duff, or to any member of the Nominating Committee, about how you might volunteer and what you might be interested in. I promise you we will listen to you, we will hear your passion, try to discern your skills and limits, and suggest one of the many terrific ways East Shore could put your talents to work. Your future is calling.

by Martin Cox, Trustee