Calling All Kids… and Kids at Heart!

Feb 27, 2021 | Beacon, Children and Youth, Learning, News, RE-Flections

We’re introducing this new section for our Beacon newsletter! We want to help connect you (our RE kids) to the Beacon! This will be a section with lots of fun, facts, and activities for you to do at home with your family or by yourself. For this edition, we’re gonna talk about music. And by music, we mean singing, and instruments, and even…dancing!

Most Sunday mornings before church, in RE class, we’ve been practicing a hymn: Over My Head! (#30 in the grey hymnal). This song has power to signal, to comfort, to communicate, and has been sung for generations of African Americans.

Now we know not everyone has a hymnal at home, but here’s a great website that you can use at home to check out our UU tunes. We’re also including the verses and sheet music here.

Over my head I hear music in the air.
Over my head I hear music in the air.
Over my head I hear music in the air.
There must be a God somewhere.

Over my head I hear singing in the air…

Over my head I see trouble in the air…

Over my head I feel gladness in the air …

Over my head I see angels in the air …

Once you start practicing the song at home, you can try singing along with Barb and John.

Then, once you feel all warmed up, you can record a video singing the lyrics along with the piano.

And then, submit them here by April 9th!

All kids, youth, and their families are invited to join in! Kids, you can sing alone or have a parent with you.