Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) Launches Church-Centered Climate Action Program

Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) Launches Church-Centered Climate Action Program

This year, the Earth and Climate Action Ministry Team (ECAM) plans to partner with our Minister, Rev. Maria Cristina, our Staff, and interested church groups and individuals as we:

LISTEN TO their ideas, concerns, hopes to take care of the earth. We’ll encourage sharing with a few open-ended questions during:

  • Group meetings we are invited to;
  • Individual conversations;
  • A congregant survey.


  • Collaborate with other groups at the church, local, or global level,
  • Integrate resources as celebrants at specific themed worship services,
  • Facilitate an Earth Day Service April 21 and a culminating Earth Celebration event with other interested groups and individuals.

ECAM aims for East Shore’s Mission through: 

  • LOVE of the Earth from which we and all living things evolved and depend– CONSIDER WHAT A LOVING RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US AND THE EARTH LOOKS LIKE;
  • SPIRIT of known and unknown forces of Nature that create and sustain everything–BE OPEN TO LEARNING TOGETHER;
  • COMMUNITY of the interdependent web of all the earth’s elements and life–COLLABORATE WITH EACH OTHER AND NATURE in MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL WAYS;
  • JUSTICE as good stewards who heal and enhance our relationships–DO WHAT WE CAN TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER AND OUR HOME, THE EARTH.

We shared our plan and began our outreach at the newly formed Collaborative Justice Council on November 6.   We will invite ALL of YOU to exchange ideas.  To schedule a listening session please contact:  Kristi Weir [email protected]

Imagine, Learn, and Take Action with Earth & Climate Ministry 

“Imagine the air as the earth’s skin.  It is amazingly thin compared with the size of the planet.  This air layer is far thinner than the skin of an apple compared with its diameter.  Underneath it lies ocean and rock, and upon that rock, lies a wee bit of soil and greenery.  Yet inside this fluctuating layer of air, between a rock and a cold place, all life is protected and nourished.”  –Adapted from Per Epson Stokes

Successful Bellevue City Council Candidates Climate & Environmental Forum

Successful Bellevue City Council Candidates Climate & Environmental Forum

East Shore’s Earth & Climate Action Ministry team thanks all six Bellevue City Council candidates—John Stokes, Paul Clark, David Hamilton, Mo Malakoutian, Janice Zahn and Betsi Hummer–for participating in a panel discussion at the Climate & Environmental forum hosted by East Shore on September 19th.  Mayor Lynne Robinson and Bellevue City Councilor Jeremy Barksdale were among the approximately 130 audience members listening attentively to candidate responses to questions regarding climate policy.

ECAM is one group among a coalition of grass-roots environmental and community groups (including People for Climate Action/Bellevue, Indivisible Eastside, 350 Eastside, Save Coal Creek, 300 Trees, Eastside Audubon, Sierra Club, Trees4Livability, Sustainability Ambassadors and Futurewise) who came together to organize this event.

An important aim of the forum organizers is to educate both candidates and the public about the urgent need for action to address the climate crisis.  A related aim is to demonstrate to city leaders the support among Bellevue residents for measures to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment while preparing for greater urban density and equitable development.  Panelists were allowed two minutes to introduce themselves after which they were asked a series of pointed questions which they had received in advance.  In response, all the candidates shared their priorities and spoke to the need for collaboration at all levels of government and civil society.

The evening began with desserts (thanks to all volunteers who donated) and casual conversations among guests and candidates.  A fun raffle concluded the evening—two audience members won $500 coupons towards the purchase of heat pumps or water heaters;  five audience members won coupons for meals at local vegetarian restaurants and one audience member won a month subscription to RIdwell.  The raffle prizes encourage all of us to consider vegetarian options and to learn about small businesses whose practices are environmentally sound.

Thanks again to the organizers, all who volunteered and everyone who attended this very informative and fun event!  And thanks above all to the candidates for running for office and sharing their thoughts and priorities with us.  As the principal city on the Eastside, what happens in Bellevue affects not only this city but the entire region.  So please be sure to VOTE in the upcoming November election!!

For those of you who were unable to attend the forum, a recording of the event is available at this link:

Bellevue WA City Council Candidates Climate & Environment Forum, 19SEP2023

For any additional information, feel free to contact Kristi Weir or Marilyn Mayers

Jacob Johns Brings Indigenous Perspectives to COP28 in Dubai – A Call to Action

Jacob Johns Brings Indigenous Perspectives to COP28 in Dubai – A Call to Action

Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) and the Indigenous Connections Team invite you to University Unitarian Church in Seattle and Northlake UU Church in Kirkland for a presentation and Q&A offered by Jacob Johns.  Jacob is part of an international effort to organize and include Indigenous perspectives at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chante (COP28) in Dubai in November and December this year.

Jacob (Akimel O’odham and Hopi tribes) and over 20 Indigenous activists from all over the world are working together to incorporate diverse perspectives and traditions into contemporary climate policy. The group states, “….we face obstacles in our journey towards a sustainable future. The Conference of Parties (COP) often excludes us, the Indigenous and front-line communities, from the official negotiations that set the course for global climate action. This exclusion creates a significant challenge: it hinders our ability to contribute meaningfully and create impactful actions to address climate change. Therefore, it is imperative that we work together to ensure that our perspectives are not only heard but also translated into actionable policies. By amplifying our voices and ensuring our active participation in COP, we can bring forth the wisdom and knowledge that arise from our deep connection to the land and nature. Together, we can shape a future that respects and integrates the diverse perspectives of all communities, forging a path towards a more sustainable and equitable world.”

Contact Carrie Bowman ([email protected]) if you would like to go and are interested in carpooling.

DATE/TIME:  Sunday, October 15, 2pm
WHERE:  University Unitarian Church sanctuary / 6556 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Contact Carrie Bowman at [email protected]

Open Invitation to come to the Bellevue City Council Candidate Forum at East Shore!

Open Invitation to come to the Bellevue City Council Candidate Forum at East Shore!

Tuesday, September 19, 7:00 p.m. 

As countries around the world face growing urgency to address climate change and build environmental sustainability, policy makers at all levels of government are considering various policy options. Here in Washington, state government has passed significant legislation to address some aspects of the climate crisis. Cities too are taking action to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a clean energy economy.

Bellevue prides itself as a “City in a Park”. It has taken steps to address declining tree canopy, and agreed on targets to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation and building sectors. This is a crucial time for the city to implement significant plans to enable the city to reach these targets even as the population grows. The ability of Bellevue City Council to implement necessary measures will depend in large measure on who makes up the City Council in 2024 going forward.

East Shore’s Earth & Climate Action Ministry team along with local climate and environmental organizations (350 Eastside, Eastside Audubon, Indivisible Eastside, 300 Trees, Trees4Livability, Save Coal Creek, People for Climate Action/Bellevue chapter) invite all Bellevue residents to attend the Bellevue City Council Candidate forum on Tuesday evening, September 19th, here at East Shore.

All candidates will be asked to address specific questions related to the climate crisis and environmental stewardship. As a number of candidates are new and unknown to many in the Bellevue community, this in-person forum provides a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about their background and priorities before the November election.

Before the program begins, join us for dessert and informal conversation starting at 6:30 in the Sanctuary! The program itself will start promptly at 7:00 and conclude by 9:00. Pick up a raffle ticket and see what you might win at the end of the evening! (BTW, a recording will be available within days after the event if you cannot make it.)

Come engage and celebrate with us! For more information, contact: Kristi Weir or Marilyn Mayers

by Kristi Weir, Climate Action Ministry Team

Invisible No More: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and People (MMIWP)

Invisible No More: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and People (MMIWP)

The MMIWP display was created earlier this year under the auspices of Carolyn DeFord, Puyallup tribal member and East Shore’s Women’s Perspective (WP) and Campus Aesthetics Team (CAT). “Invisible No More” is now being shared in the wider community. In April, shortly after the display at East Shore came down, CAT arranged to take the display to Mercer Island library where it was exhibited for more than a month.

Librarians assembled books related to indigenous women and other issues for children and adults to accompany the display. In June, the exhibit was moved to Issaquah public library where it was on display for the month. Librarians at both sites have indicated that the display has been well received and has generated curiosity and interest among library visitors. CAT members hope to bring the display to other sites in the community over the coming months. We are glad to have been able to extend the message Carolyn brought to us with the larger community, and she has expressed her thanks for our doing so. Congratulations, Carolyn!

by Marilyn Mayers, Campus Aesthetics Team

Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) Launches Church-Centered Climate Action Program

Rewiring America

The Earth and Climate Action Ministry Team (ECAM) wants to spread the GREAT news about the potential benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed by federal government in July of 2022 to reduce America’s carbon emissions by 40% by 2030!

One aspect of the program will help folks electrify their homes. Replacing gas appliances and gas furnaces  will help  save on energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and improve indoor air quality. It also covers solar panels, new electric panels, EV’s, and weatherization.

Rewiring American (leading national electrification nonprofit)  has a handy IRA calculator for you to see how much money you might get as a rebate/discount to electrify your home. Here is the link:

There are some caveats: the benefits are on a sliding scale based on median average household income in your area with an upper limit. The calculator will figure all that in for you. Each state may implement program differently so many details to be worked out. Right now, the rebate program is to last 10 years or until IRA funding is exhausted. Final details of the program are being work out.

Your electrification expenditures may also qualify for energy tax credits. The IRA calculator will give you an estimate of tax credits as well. See your tax accountant for more information.

Other aspects of IRA will cover disadvantaged communities, nonprofits, cities, and rural communities. More about that later…….

Kristi Weir, ECAM