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Music Notes: Becoming a UU

by Eric Lane Barnes, Director of Music

When my partner Paul and I got married in 2013 we’d already been together for 22 years. The wedding we had was a great amount of fun: we put together a show for 300 of our closest friends and … read more.

Hempcrete Shed Update

by Jason Puracal, Executive Director

Unfortunately, the demonstration build and workshops part of this project must be put on hold. The City is requiring numerous edits to the site and structural plans, which will take time. Also, the fundraising campaign has not reached the minimum amount … read more.

Worship Leadership Opportunity

by Chris Struble

The Worship Team is one of the core teams of East Shore Unitarian Church. It provides worship associates to assist the minister with services, and plans services for Sundays when the minister is not available.

I have chaired the worship team for the past … read more.

Holiday Craft Fair

by Karen Dawson & Wenda Collins

You have asked about it, then you asked for it, and now, you have a chance to help with it! East Shore Gallery has set aside the weekend of November 22-23, Friday and Saturday in Spring Hall for the first … read more.

Upcoming Events: May 2019

P-Patch Plant Sale: Sunday, May 5

Please join us in our annual plant sale! Throughout the morning, you’ll be able to buy live plants to put in your garden including tomatoes and flower bulbs. All donations go to support a local, plant-based organization outside of East … read more.

Native American Activities at East Shore

by Lynn Roesch

On Saturday, April 6th, a community-wide workshop, “Challenges Facing Native Communities and Their Allies” was attended by approximately 60 people in Spring Hall. Throughout the afternoon session, native and non-native presenters talked about topics of concern to Native American communities in our area … read more.

Trinkets & Treasures: Donations Needed!

by Barb Clagett

Donations needed for the 9th Annual Trinkets and Treasures sale

All Proceeds Benefit Khasi Hills Friendship School in India

Here’s how you can help:

Right now: Save your stuff for the sale! We need usable clothing for all ages, sizes, and shapes, plus usable … read more.

From the Minister: April 2019

In April we come upon both Passover and Easter. I like to take the symbols at the heart of these stories and do what I can to make sense of them—to crack the metaphors open that we can that to which they point with greater … read more.

President’s Report: April 2019

Holly House Vote
The Holly House vote is behind us. Please, take a deep breath.

In my years as a member I do not recall any decision being anywhere near this close. Clearly, we have a big job ahead to bring us into a community … read more.

Memorial Service Planning Form

by Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Furrer

As part of our overall effort to improve the quality and breadth of membership in the ESUC Community, Membership Development Manager, Nicole Duff, and I have put together an updated Memorial Service Planning Form.

Most ministers have a file drawer in … read more.

Upcoming Events: April 2019

AARP Fraud Prevention Series: Tuesdays, April 2 & 9, 10:00 a.m.
AARP and East Shore invite you to attend two fraud prevention programs: “Fraud Watch Network,” and “Vigilance Against Cybercrime.” The first class is a general overview of fraud prevention. The second is focused on fraud … read more.

Donations Needed for the 9th Annual Trinkets and Treasures Sale!

Proceeds Benefiting the Khasi Hills Friendship School in India*

Here’s how
you can help:

Right now: Save your stuff
for the sale!
We need usable clothing for all ages, sizes, and shapes, plus
usable house wares, sheets, towels, dishes, sports equipment, toys, games, art,
working tech equipment, books, jewelry, special items … read more.