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Annual Meeting: June 14, 11:15 a.m.

East Shore’s Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 11:15 a.m. via Zoom. Check-in for the meeting will begin at 11:00. A worship service at 10:00 a.m. precedes the Annual Meeting.

Your participation is
important. The Congregational Meeting is the ultimate authority … read more.

East Shore’s Auction 2020

by Amanda Strombom, chair of Auction Team

The East Shore Auction, usually held in November each year,
is a big fund-raising opportunity for the church, and a wonderful way to build
community, since the auction is all about offering social events and services
to members. Last year, we held … read more.

Using IRA Distributions

by Craig Nelsen, chair ESUC Endowment Committee

To Fund Charitable Contributions to the Endowment

If you are at or near retirement,  you may find your lifestyle is fine as-is and you don’t need additional money from your IRA. However, even if you don’t need (or … read more.

Aisha Hauser’s Farewell

Back in December, our Director of Lifelong Learning, Aisha Hauser announced she was leaving East Shore. Her future plans, “one never knows where our journeys in life will take us. For now, I will be working on a book focused on collaborative leadership, developing … read more.

New Pathway to Membership

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

This past June, I was inspired by a workshop at General Assembly. The topic… Pathway to Membership. The idea was to make joining more accessible and inclusive by allowing potential new members to find their own way to membership. The … read more.

Black Lives Matter Flash Stances Return

The organizers of our Black Lives Matter Flash Stances are starting the gatherings again… with safety protocols in place.

Everyone must wear a mask. If you touch a sign, you need to wear plastic gloves (will be supplied).No one touches the banners. … read more.

Board Buzz: From the President May 2020

By Dennis Fleck, Board President

I write to you as we just completed our first Zoom Congregational Meeting. This is another example of the temporary (hopefully) new world that has been thrust upon us by the coronavirus. I apologize for the lengthy amount of time it … read more.

Amanda Uluhan Hired as DRE

by Evelyn Smith

Happy News! Amanda Uluhan has accepted her appointment by the Board of East Shore Unitarian Church as Director of Religious Education! We are excited to have such a talented religious educator continue with us. Congratulations, Amanda!

Send Some Love to Others

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

Who doesn’t love getting a letting in the mail? Especially when that’s your primary form of communicating with the outside world! We have about 25 members and friends (that we know of) who are unable to access emails, don’t have … read more.

Welcoming Youth & Young Adults into Membership!

We excited to announce two teenage youth have joined our membership book. Francis Sherley and Amélie Heise, both long time participants in our Religious Education programs have officially signed the membership book and can now be welcomed as members of East Shore! After attending professional … read more.

Upcoming Events: May 2020

Daily Check-In: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am

Members are hosting a Daily Check-in via Zoom for anyone who wants to join. Every weekday (M-F) 9:00-9:30 a.m. Keep connected with church members during this time of social distancing; share joys, concerns, and needs with one another; click here or … read more.