Thank You from Congregations for the Homeless

by Peggy Phillips, co-chair

You are a kind and generous congregation! Thank you so much for making our monthly visit and sponsorship of Congregations for the Homeless such a success. During the month we provided at least one host each night – several performing multiple … read more.

Sign Up for Social Justice Emails

The Earth and Social Justice Coordinating Council, ESJCC, is working hard to make sure you know all the ways East Shore is living their values.

This group coordinates with all the social justice arms at East Shore and organizes the groups at the Spotlight tables … read more.

Khasi Hills Thanks You

by Barb Clagett & Doug Strombom, co-chairs

Seven members from East Shore went to India in September to help our partners celebrate the 131st Anniversary of Unitarianism in NE India. There we heard wonderful testimonials about how effective our support of the Friendship School has … read more.

Holly House: Dream Big

by Linda Flanagan Freeburg, chair

We on the Holly House Development Task Force 2018 are hard at work on the responsibilities assigned to us and we’re writing to give you an update on our progress. We are the latest in a long line of Holly … read more.

Wanda Hickman: Outside the Lines

The newest show in the East Shore Gallery is now open to the pubic. It’s a one-woman show featuring an East Shore member, Wanda Hickman.

WANDA HICKMAN (1948 -2017)

Wanda Hickman was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. She liked telling people that her art career … read more.

The Directories Are In!

You’ve been asking and now they are in! The new photo directories are available to pick up. 125 families were included in this rendition of the directory and each receive one free copy. There are also copies that can be used in the offices … read more.

P&G Lite: October 2018

by Ann Fletcher, Chair of Policy and Governance Committee

P&G stands for Policy and Governance Committee (of the Board), but don’t let that stop you from reading on!  If you continue, you will get a “lite” and member-relevant taste of how our church governance is … read more.

President’s Report: Means to Our Ends

by Tom Doe, President

Please help the Board set the direction for our new church year.

The big event on the board’s calendar for October is our annual board retreat, which will be on Saturday, October 20. The board retreat usually happens in June or July, … read more.

My Journey Through Discomfort

by Mark Norelius

My Dear Fellow UU’s at East Shore,

I would like to invite you to join me on my journey through discomfort. I caution you though, because I don’t think it will be a quick one. I do hope and expect it will be … read more.

Right Relations Facilitation Team Has Launched!

by Louise Wilkinson

As you know, the Right Relations Committee has been working for the last year and a half to help embed a covenant of caring and intentional relationship-building and deepening into all of our interactions at East Shore. Right Relations emphasizes practicing openness and … read more.

Music Notes: Benefits of Singing

by Eric Lane Barnes

Singing is a personal act. It involves our whole self: body, mind and spirit. From a purely physical standpoint, singing increases blood flow to the brain, lungs and extremities, lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) improves posture and might … read more.

Khasi Hills: Trinkets & Treasures a Success!

by Barb Clagett & Doug Strombom

The Trinkets & Treasures rummage sale was a huge success! Our dedicated volunteers and donors helped raise nearly $6,000 for the church’s partnership with Unitarian communities in NE India! The funds will pay annual salaries for five teachers at … read more.