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What’s Right About Right Relations?

by Louise Wilkinson

If I’m supposed to do things right, why didn’t I get a rehearsal?  Why wasn’t there a practice round instead of this constant stumbling forward using trial and error?  Why are things so complicated, and why are there so many different views of … read more.

Chalice Camp 2019

by Amanda Alice, RE Programs Coordinator

Each year at East Shore, we continue to offer Chalice Camp, our version of Vacation Bible School. We learn about the essential principles and the covenant that we share that binds our community together in agreement and love. We learn … read more.

Church Night: Starting this Fall?

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

I have an idea… an idea that will help build community, attract visitors, and help the staff better collaborate with each other and members. The idea is “Church Night.” It would be once a week, every week. It has worked … read more.

New Shawl Ministry Coming to East Shore

colorful yarn balls with needles

In collaboration with the Lay Pastoral Ministers and Rev. Furrer, we will be starting a Shawl Ministry here at East Shore. We will call them Care Shawls, and we need your help!

What is a Care Shawl?

Compassion and the love of knitting/crocheting … read more.

Covenant Circles

by Anne Kerlee

Covenant Circles provide a path to deepen and broaden personal spiritual growth. A group consists of 8-10 members who meet regularly, usually twice a month, during the day or in the evening. Each meeting is focused on a spiritual or religious topic.

Joining … read more.

East Shore’s Members Support Tribal Efforts

by Lynn Roesch

East Shore members of the Beloved Racial Justice and Climate Action Ministry Teams as well as the Earth and Social Justice Coordinating Council have been involved in rebuilding its support of local tribes since 2016. Inspired by the work initiated by Kate Elliott … read more.

Necklace Beading for the 2019 Canoe Journey

by Lynn Roesch & Marilyn Mayers

Thanks to all those at East Shore–both youth and adults–who made necklaces for this year’s Canoe Journey: “Paddle to Lummi,” Sqweshenet Tse Schelangen “Honoring Our Way of Life.” We delivered 153 necklaces, made by East Shore congregants and others, to … read more.

From Kenya with Love

by Laurie Wick

On June 26th, Pastor Joyce Mumeita spoke at East Shore about the situation of women in Kajiado County, Kenya where she directs Oltalet, an organization dedicated to helping widows and orphans.  Ann Nganga, a Kenyan nurse, now resident in Bellevue, introduced us to … read more.

Fourth Annual Friendship Dinner

by Lynn Roesch

This year’s Friendship Dinner was held on June 15th at Baitul Ehsaan, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Monroe. The annual event started four years ago by East Shore members who collaborated with members from several local mosques, including the Muslim Association of Puget Sound … read more.

Trinkets & Treasures: August 22-24

by Doug Strombom

Volunteers and Donations Needed for our 9th Annual Trinkets and Treasures Sale

*All proceeds will benefit East Shore Unitarian Church and our education partners in the Khasi Hills of Northeast India.*

Here’s how you can help:

Right now: Please save your stuff for the sale! We … read more.