Embracing the Future: East Shore Auction 2022

Embracing the Future: East Shore Auction 2022

East Shore holds an auction every year in November to build community and raise money for the church. This year we are Embracing the Future with both an online and a live event! We will still be managing the auction online, including the catalog and the bidding, so that everyone can participate, but we are also planning a free live event in the church for the evening of:

Save the Date: Saturday, November 5

Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t want to bid on anything. Be sure to keep that evening free! A parallel Zoom event will be held online for those who are unable or uncomfortable to be there in person.


We’d love to bring the East Shore community together by having every member or friend involved in some way, so now is the time to start thinking about what YOU can contribute. Traditionally many of us fill our social calendars with events we bid on at East Shore’s auction, and we’re hoping that you can offer an event or service to other members and friends of East Shore as part of this.

Themed dinners and other food-focused events are always popular as they help us to build community by sharing a meal together, but activities such as group bike rides and hikes, family friendly events such as picnics, visits to farms, zoos or other outdoor locations, and online events which enable everyone to participate, can all contribute to the church and the community.

In addition to events, services such as gardening, handyman assistance, and rides to the airport are always popular. Physical items such as artwork, food, crafts, gift baskets and gift cards or certificates are particularly welcome. Here’s a list of Auction Contribution Ideas to help you come up with what you can do.

18-Month Auction

Due to the financial year change, there will not be another East Shore Auction until the Spring of 2024. So please consider offering two of each item, one for 2023 and one for 2024, to help spread out the auction benefits over a longer period.

The Auction Team will be contacting you to see what ideas you have, so start contacting your friends if you’d like to team up with someone, and start planning. You can complete this Contribution Form when you’re ready.

For repeat items from previous years, there’s no need to complete the form, just email our catalog coordinator, Rachel Herbert, with your contribution and any changes from last year.

If you have questions, or need help coming up with an idea, please contact any member of the auction team: Jim Shuman, Amanda Strombom, Nancy Bissell

Let’s make this auction the biggest and best ever!

by Amanda Strombom, Chair

COVID Protocols at East Shore

COVID Protocols at East Shore

With the new guidelines from the CDC, the Staff Leadership Team updated our Covid Protocols. Please review them before coming on campus here. We will no longer be checking vaccine cards, though we do strongly encourage all to get the vaccines and boosters. We will continue to require wearing masks indoors.

Our chart uses the data from CovidActNow.org for King County.

If You Are Sick, Please Stay Home

In an effort to be proactive and heed CDC recommendations regarding coronavirus prevention, we are asking everyone to please read and observe the following guidelines:

If you or anyone in your household exhibit the following symptoms, please stay home:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing, excessive mucus

If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, please stay home.

We strongly encourage, but are not requiring, vaccinations for all ages 6 months and older.

Why Do We Still Require Masks?

While many places are lifting this requirement, we will continue to require masks inside buildings. This is partly because of a lack of airflow in our Sanctuary, but more importantly it is because we are a beloved community. The CDC’s guidance is about individuals. As congregations, our decisions about masking or un-masking need to be about community. We are in covenant with one another to act not just as a collection of individuals, but as a body that works for the good of all.

Because our Unitarian Universalist faith is grounded in values that call us to care about one another, we must continue to make our decisions by centering the needs of the most vulnerable among us. The UUA encourages congregations to maintain a culture of indoor masking when they gather in person.

Practicing Consent and Compassion

Part of being a beloved community is respecting others and showing compassion. When making decisions, always practice covenantal consent—taking time to listen deeply to one another’s concerns and fears before making any decisions that might put members of the community at risk, either physically or mentally.

We need to acknowledge everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to risk. Please remember, these are your fellow East Shorians and we want to respect people’s decisions on how they participate in worship.

We also want to talk about hugging, handshakes, high fives, etc. As we teach our youngest children in Our Whole Lives (OWL), consent is very important. Even those friends who you may have always shared a hug with before may not feel up to it yet. Let’s show our children and each other we understand consent. Before hugging, please ask… AND be prepared to hear “no.” This includes members of the staff. We all love you… and we want to stay safe too.

Preparing for Rev. María Cristina!

Preparing for Rev. María Cristina!

It was only two months ago when we voted unanimously to call Rev. Dr. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa to be our next settled minister. At the time we did not know any specifics as to when she was going to be moving and beginning her position at East Shore. We would now like to provide an update as we are sure that Rev. María Cristina and Mama Lily have been on your minds and in your hearts.

Rev. María Cristina’s First Worship Service

Let’s start with the date that may have the greatest significance to many of you, her first worship service. You will want to be sure to mark your calendars with our annual In-Gathering service which this year will take place on Sunday, September 11. This is always such a special event for East Shore as we celebrate the ways many of us return to various rhythms of our lives. And this year the service will mark our embarking on a new chapter with Rev. María Cristina as our minister. It should be epic!

Official Start Date as Minister

Another important date to be aware of is the day Rev. María Cristina will officially start her position as minister. That day will be August 15. We expect her first days and weeks will likely be occupied moving into her office, getting set up in our IT systems, and attending meetings with staff, Board, and certain groups. As that date approaches, we will coordinate with Rev. María Cristina to communicate with the congregation how to get in touch with her directly and when her office hours will be.

Rev. María Cristina and Mama Lily are Moving to the Area this Month

Finally, we are very happy to announce they have found a wonderful place to live in the area. We do understand they will be able to move into their new place sometime in July. Out of respect for their privacy we’ll leave out details of precisely when and where and let them share more as appropriate.

Help Rev. María Cristina Get to Know Us

If you haven’t already, please consider contributing to the Getting to Know Us project. Women’s Perspective Team is creating a binder filled with individual profiles written by each of East Shore’s members and friends– in our own words! Your contributions will be a huge help as Rev. María Cristina gets to know her new flock. To assist you we have an online form with a few questions and where you may include your personal narrative and photos as well. Copies of a physical form are available in the office. Stay tuned for details on opportunities for support and for updating your database profile!

We remain as thrilled as ever that we are so shortly going to be building our future with Rev. María Cristina. We will certainly continue to be in touch with her as needed and share more news over the summer.

by David Langrock, Ministerial Search Committee

Will the Principles and Sources of Unitarian Universalism be Changed?

Will the Principles and Sources of Unitarian Universalism be Changed?

I attended the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) General Assembly at Portland, Oregon this year in person. An initiative to do a comprehensive review of the UUA’s Bylaws led to drafts of new language being presented at GA for everyone to give feedback on the section describing UU principles and sources.

General Assembly is the annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists at which the UUA’s business gets done, attendee’s go to workshops, to worship, and network with other congregations, the UUA, and a host of ancillary organizations. It’s a time to find out what is going on in the wider UU world and feel the connection around the world of UUism. A time to understand a congregation’s context for living into mission.

This year, General Assembly was both online and in person. Online attendance has happened before but this year it was given a great deal of attention and planning to make it more accessible and effective. It was possible to attend completely online for a reduced fee and be an online delegate for business only meetings for free.

See https://www.uua.org/ga for more general info about General Assembly.

A complete review of the UUA’s bylaws was approved at this year’s General Assembly. One section of the Bylaws – Article II – is its own separate initiative and is under way now. It is being updated by the Article II Study Commission that was established in June 2020. The Commission is examining the Principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism (Article II) of the UUA Bylaws.

The UUA Board asked them to root their work in love to not edit only the words. They want a comprehensive evaluation of all parts of Article II. To revise, replace, restructure, hold nothing sacred about the wording. The focus is love as a principal guide, attending to ways we have understood, articulated and acted out of love.

The Principles and Purposes (Article II) section of the UUA Bylaws include the 7 Principles and 6 Sources of UUism, the purpose of the UUA, an Inclusion statement, and a freedom of belief clause. This year’s General Assembly had 3 hours for reporting out what the Commission has been doing and for attendees to give feedback on their drafts of a new Article II at  Padlet.com/a2sc/ga22

You can view all the public videos from GA online, including the Article II presentations, as follows:

Introduction to the work, Purpose, and Freedom of Belief in General Session II (beginning with Dan McKanan’s theological framing at 20:35 and the Article II’s  presentation at 32:30)

Values (Principles) and Covenant in General Session III (Article II presentation begins at 24:15, followed by a break, and then Dr. Elías Ortega’s theological framing, which begins at 1:29:20)

Inclusion and Inspirations (Sources) in General Session IV (Article II presentation begins at 33:00, followed by a break, and then Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt’s theological framing at 1:20:34)

The Article II Commission will continue to have opportunities to contribute to the process of reimagining Article II throughout the early fall. Watch for more information on how you can be involved!

You can learn more at the Article II Study Commission’s website: uua.org/a2sc

Follow them on Facebook: Article II Study Commission or Instagram: RevUU_A2

Send them your thoughts via their feedback hub at padlet.com/a2sc/ga22

The timeline for the Article II Commission’s work is:

  • January 2023 present draft language to UUA Board.
  • June 2023 General Assembly – mini assemblies held to propose amendments in advance of GA 2023 and then a first vote will be done. If a majority approves, then 1 year of study time by congregations happens with no changes in language.
  • June 2024 final vote is held. There has to be 2/3 approval by GA delegates to pass.

by Grace Colton

COVID Protocols at East Shore

Now Open for Worship!

Update: April 20, 2022

East Shore COVID protocols are currently being updated to better reflect the latest CDC recommendations and guidelines. We will continue to wear masks (2yo+), require vaccinations (5yo+), ask you to stay home if you’re sick or in contact with COVID, and ventilate indoor spaces to help limit any exposure as best possible, but other restrictions (limiting attendance numbers) are being lifted, so stay tuned and plan to participate online or in person – wherever YOU feel best! Please see our latest Covid Chart


Dear East Shore Members & Friends,

We are excited to announce we will be reopening this Sunday, March 6! Here is what you need to know:

We are using a chart which uses the data from CovidActNow.org for King County. Using this chart, each week we will announce if we are going to be open and with what restrictions. The details will be posted in the weekly eblast (sign up here) and on Facebook. Please note, as mask mandates and vaccine requirements in the public loosen, we may have to shift our plans.

Vaccine Checks

We are trying to be safe and make sure we keep a sense of welcoming. On Sundays, the buildings will be for vaccinated verified people only.

Volunteers, fully organized by the Board, will be at a table in the courtyard area. Members/Visitors will show their vaccine cards as a real card, a photo on their phone, or a QR code from their myhealthchart, clear, or the WA DOH website. We encourage the paper cards as that will be fastest. Those individuals who are cleared will get a neon green sticker that says “Vaccinated.” This will go on your badge (so if you took that home, time to find it!). In following weeks, those who have a sticker can just show the sticker and continue in the sanctuary.

What Should We Be Paying Attention To?

Let’s focus on these new “Key Principles for Reducing Potential Exposures” in our church home:

  • Stay home if you’re sick! (keep visiting us online and call us for help!)
  • Get Vaccinated! (and boosted!)
  • Wear Masks! (all the time!)
  • Dance, don’t sing! (get that body moving!)

Virtual Worship: What Will Change

For the most part, those joining by Zoom won’t notice much of a difference. We will still put words in chat, have virtual coffee hour with breakout rooms and stream from the Sanctuary. What will be different? Joys and Sorrows. Due to the complicated nature of multi-platform sharing, we will ask that joys and sorrow only be put in the chat, so they can still be shared. The staff is also working on contingency plans. In October we got a taste of what could happen if we lose power or internet in the Sanctuary. We were able to jump back on, and Steve and Eric did a great job of jumping back in… however when we are doing multi-platform we need to ensure both in-person and virtual congregants have a good experience. Please bear with us if this happens, we are hoping having a contingency plan means we will never have to use it.

In Person: What to expect

Those coming to campus to worship will have a whole new experience… that will change over time as more and more people get vaccinated and we SLOWLY return to larger gatherings.

After being checked for your vaccine status, you will be welcomed into the Sanctuary (want to volunteer to be an usher or greeter? Talk to Nicole!) All congregants MUST wear a mask any time they are in a building on campus. The ONLY exception are individuals speaking from the podium, and only while they are speaking (Rev. Furrer, Eric Lane Barnes, amanda, Worship Associate, etc.).

On Sunday, the back doors will be open, this is to help for airflow. We remind you that Pacific Northwesterners know how to dress for the weather, so we are confident you will dress warmly. You are also welcome to bring a blanket.

We will have some paper copies of the bulletin, we will also have a QR code (like what you see at restaurants to get the menu) where you will be able to pull up the bulletin on a phone or tablet. We will also have children’s activity bags.

We have set the chairs up to be socially distanced. For the time being the balcony will be closed. This is so the ACE team, who has been working so hard to set up the cameras and sound, can work in that space. We hope, as restrictions lessen, we can reopen that part of the Sanctuary for our members and friends.

One thing you may notice right away is a change in how we use the screen. We will be projecting Zoom on the screen during the service. This allows us to turn on closed captioning (making the service accessible to even more people), share videos, and still have some participation by those zooming in. This does mean words to hymns and responses will not be on the screen so you will want to grab a hymnal (including large print and braille) are available as well. We have also been informed by medical professionals that, unfortunately, singing – even while masked – is VERY high risk. Because of that, we are going to ask the congregation to not sing along to the hymns. We are looking at ways where you can still interact with the hymns (clapping, arm movements, etc.).

For joys and sorrows for those in person, we will bring back the cards in the southwest corner. Please take time to write out your joy or sorrow which will be collected and read from the pulpit.

For the offering, there will be a number of choices. You can still give online, text, or you can donate cash or check. Because the chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart (except for same households), we will have boxes in the back of the sanctuary for people to place gifts in as they exit.

In Person Coffee Hour

For those wanting to stay for coffee hour, we will have it! Because of masking, all food and beverages must be consumed outside. The North Room will be closed, so you will exit out the main doors into the courtyard. If you would like to help set up coffee hour or organize, contact Nicole.

In Person Religious Education for Children & Youth

All of these plans are relevant to RE as well, and children and families will be going through all of these processes along with adult members of the congregations. Children will be getting name badges for their vaccine stickers too (and so you can get to know them!).

Those under five will either be accompanied by a vaccinated caregiver or in the care of vaccinated volunteers or RE staff. All of our rooms are being marked by Dianne Upton at 50% room capacity.

More to know:

  • 5yo+ must show proof
  • There is no childcare at this time
  • There is a rug in the back of the Sanctuary with book and toys for babies and kids
  • Families are encouraged to attend worship together
  • Children and youth classes will continue with our regular schedule.

Please make sure your children are registered. For RE Outdoors (1st & 3rd Sundays) and/or RE Online (2nd & 4th Sundays)

Mourning the Loss

As churches across the country have begun to reopen, a recurring theme is heard: “It’s not the same.” We know, no matter how excited we are to see one another and return to “normal,” we need to change our view of “normal!” What are you most excited about? Being in the Sanctuary? Coffee? Seeing people? Hugs? Singing? Some of those things will return now, others will come later… and some aspects of Sunday mornings will never be the same again. They are new and improved! We will continue to offer multiple ways for people to participate, both in person and over Zoom (Thanks to ACE, Joseph Newman and Jenny Newell for spending hours figuring this out!). This is a great way to continue to be more welcoming and inclusive. Change is hard, and sometimes, the transformation is even better.

Practicing Consent and Compassion

Part of being a beloved community is respecting others and showing compassion. During this transition we as asking for an increase in both of these.

We need to acknowledge everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to risk. Some are so excited to get back in person they will do all they can to stay safe AND in person. Others are not ready and may not be ready for a while. Please remember, these are your fellow East Shorians and we want to respect people’s decisions on how they participate in worship.

We also want to talk about hugging, handshakes, high fives, etc. As we teach our youngest children in Our Whole Lives (OWL), consent is very important. Even those friends who you may have always shared a hug with before may not feel up to it yet. Let’s show our children and each other we understand consent. Before hugging, please ask… AND be prepared to hear “no.” This includes members of the staff. We all love you… and we want to stay safe too.

Get Out The Vote Returns!

Get Out The Vote Returns!

Are you inspired to help marginalized communities register to vote?

In 2020, many of us were very motivated to ensure that people in marginalized communities in states such as Georgia and Alabama, were encouraged to register to vote.  Working with an organization called Reclaim Our Vote, we mobilized more than 150 East Shore members and friends to write many thousands of postcards to these communities.  The result was that many more people registered to vote, and in some states that made a difference to the election results.

I’m sure you all know what has happened since then, and how many states have restricted voting rights further.  As a church, we do not advocate for any specific party or candidate, but we are very passionate about ensuring that every citizen who wants to vote is able to do so. Since 2022 is another election year, we are gearing up to write postcards again.  Are you ready to help?

There will be several different campaigns throughout this year, targeting the primaries of 9 different states:

  • Texas primary March 1
  • North Carolina primary May 17
  • Alabama and Georgia, primaries May 24
  • South Carolina primary June 14
  • Virginia primary June 21
  • Arizona primary  August  2
  • Florida primary  August  23
  • Louisiana primary November 8 (tentative)

David Edfeldt is coordinating this project in the role of a wholesaler by purchasing large quantities of postcards up front, and coordinating address label distribution.  Lynn Roesch and Marilyn Mayers are collecting postcards from David, printing labels and distributing packets to those who are willing to write.  We encourage you to purchase your own stamps if possible, but please let us know if that’s a hardship for you.

We are looking for one or two additional coordinators to help with distributing the cards and labels (from East Shore or your own home). This gives you an opportunity to meet lots of members and work to facilitate writing a lot of postcards.  If this project inspires you and you really want to get involved, please contact David, Lynn or Marilyn to offer your support.

If you’d like to write postcards, Lynn or Marilyn will include you in their email lists, and let you know which projects are coming up.  Since this is going to be almost a year-long project, there is no need to participate in every campaign.  We encourage you to pace yourselves and only take on what you can handle, but of course, we’d love for you to write as many postcards as possible!

The deadline for writing cards for the first campaign, the Texas primary, is February 14.  If you’d like to participate, please let Marilyn or Lynn know as soon as possible.

Amanda Strombom, Publicity coordinator, Get Out the Vote campaign