Chalice Camp 2019

Jun 30, 2019 | Learning, News

by Amanda Alice, RE Programs Coordinator

Each year at East Shore, we continue to offer Chalice Camp, our version of Vacation Bible School. We learn about the essential principles and the covenant that we share that binds our community together in agreement and love. We learn about the chalice, and lighting candles, and how each of us is important and unique in this world.

We spend our time learning new stories, making crafts, building things, playing games, dancing, and moving our bodies outside. We have snack time, too, to keep our bodies nourished and hydrated!

This year we had 10 kids at Chalice Camp, including some kids that aren’t East Shore members, but are friends and interested in this great programming! We also had one teenage camp counselor, Will Hamilton, helping us with the essential elements of working with our kids and learning social and community skills.

This is a wonderful community offering that helps to build friendships for our youngest members. Please join us next summer in helping to make this program a success.