Community, Support, Caring

Apr 4, 2016 | News

Community, support, caring. Many people seek out and continue at East Shore because they are looking for and enriched by these qualities. I feel surrounded by community, support, and caring at East Shore as I participate in many activities like being a member of a Covenant Circle, doing coffee with my connection team, teaching OWL, attending an auction dinner, or serving on a committee. One of the most important ways I actively participate in our supportive and caring community is to serve as a Lay Pastoral Minister. It has allowed me to get to know members of our congregation, who I might not otherwise know, in a very meaningful way. These relationships have enriched my life.
I am joined by Ruth Russell, Lee Vierling, Dennis Calvin, and Donna Von Bargen under the direction of Susan Morrisson, Minister of Pastoral Care, to provide a ministry of hope and caring so that no members of East Shore will be alone during a crisis or time of need. In addition, Carol Sinape is the coordinator of Helping Hands, that connects those in need with help (such as meals, rides, or visits) provided by volunteers in our congregation.
The Lay Pastoral Minister Team needs your help! Sometimes people in our congregation are in need and we don’t even know about it. Please inform Susan Morrisson ([email protected] or 425-747-3780) if you could use some extra support during a difficult period or know of someone else who might benefit from a Lay Pastoral Minister visit or support from Helping Hands. We are a caring, supportive community and we want to be sure we reach all those in need.

Connie Hirnle
Lay Pastoral Minister