Congregations for the Homeless

Jul 28, 2022 | Beacon, Justice, News

Congregations for the Homeless (CFH) is a non-profit dedicated to helping Eastside men who are experiencing homelessness as they move towards independent living.  Each month a CFH shelter rotates from one Eastside congregation to another.  East Shore hosts the Rotating Shelter in October.

The Shelter provides a vibrant healthy community where men can rest, recover and rejuvenate.  In addition to accessing case management supports, the men are able to obtain three meals a day, washers, dryers, showers, and haircuts.  To be at the shelter, a man must

  • Have a current state picture I.D.
  • Allow CFH to run a criminal background check. (No one convicted of a sex offense crime is allowed.)
  • Be willing to be drug- and alcohol-free, and willing to address any addiction issues.
  • Be willing to work one-on-one with a Housing Navigator.

In this time of COVID, interaction with the men in the Shelter is in flux.  Your CFH Ministry team will soon be looking for volunteers.

For more information you can go to or contact Dean Dubofsky (425-495-3328) or Peggy Phillips (425-417-3539)