Connections Teams

What is a Connection Team?

The members of East Shore are organized into Connection teams based on where they live. This enables members to support each other easily in times of need, and to support the church as a group. Within Bellevue, there are teams for each zip code. Further afield, teams are based on two or more zip codes covering a city or area. Teams are named after mountains in Washington State.

The current Connection Teams are as follows:

What do Connection Teams do?

Every Sunday is hosted by one of the Connection Teams (unless another group has volunteered). This means that they are responsible for hosting fellowship hour, bringing and serving food and coffee, and also providing some ushers and greeters to support the head usher and head greeter. Each Connection Team hosts a Sunday 3-4 times per year. They may also choose to support the Grounds team one day a year, to provide a meal during October for Congregations for the Homeless, and any other projects they choose.

In addition, when a member is in need of pastoral care, such as during an illness or a life crisis, the other members of the team, being the people who live closest, may be asked if they can assist with providing meals, rides etc. when needed.

Some teams may choose to meet socially from time to time, to help build connections between each other, although there is no obligation to do this.

Who leads each Connection Team?

Each team is led by one or two Connection Guides, who coordinate the team’s activities, and be a path for certain communications to and from the church. In addition, each team has a Caring Connector who coordinates the provision of support when needed. It is expected that these roles will be taken on for no more than two years at a time, and so the roles will rotate around the members of the team as they are able.

Who can join a Connection Team?

Every official member of the church is automatically a member of the Connection Team for their zip code. They can participate in the activities of their team as they are willing and able. They may call on their team for help and support when in need, although many members may have adequate support from family and friends. Non-members and visitors who live in a Connection Team’s area are of course welcome to support the church through participation in Sunday hosting and other activities. They will become an official member of a Connection Team when they sign the membership book.