In June 2018, the Board decided to delay a congregational vote about the future of the Holly House property. A new Holly House Development Task Force (HHDTF) was convened for the following purpose:

The purpose of the HHDTF is to prepare the congregation for an informed vote on the sale of the Holly House property, and to support the execution of that sale. In furtherance of that purpose, HHDTF will submit a report to the Board for the disposition of the Holly House property including proposals from prospective buyers, financial analysis, and options for use of the sale proceeds. After a vote by the Congregation the HHDTF will engage in negotiations culminating in recommending the execution of a contract to the board.

The full charter can be found here.

Current members approved by the Board (8/13/18) are Jim Shuman, Trevor Hall, Sue Yates, Laurie Adams (Vice Chair), Carrie Bowman, Roger Greene, Reverend Stephen Furrer (staff), Dave Baumgart (Board), and Linda Freeburg (Chair). Mark Norelius is serving as Right Relations advisor.

The Task Force meets the first Monday each month at 4:30 in the Education Building, room E-101. In September, we meet on the second Monday. All members are welcome to attend meetings! Meeting dates are

• September 10
• October 1
• November 5
• December 3


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Holly House Task Force (2016-17)
Holly House Developmental Task Force I (2017-18)