In 2015, East Shore’s Board of Trustees approved the formation of a three-year task force to consider and recommend the best options for use of the Holly House and surrounding property.

This property is part of the farm donated to the church in the early 1950s. Holly House, the original farm house, was built more than one hundred years ago and has served as religious education space, home for a ministerial intern, housed a refugee family, served as Section 8 housing, and rental property. Currently, it is part of Sophia Way’s transitional housing for women, and East Shore maintains p-patch parcels.

In July 2015, Sophia Way signed a two-year lease to continue providing housing for six previously homeless women. At that time, the Board of Trustees requested a comprehensive review of how this property can best serve East Shore’s future needs, both financially and in alignment with its vision and mission.

In its first year, the task force will obtain facts about the property and consider options for its future use. In the second year, viable options will be evaluated; and in the third year, an implementation plan will be presented to the Board and congregation for its consideration. This will be an intentional, deliberate, and fully transparent process with periodic town hall forums. Articles in The Beacon will report on the work of the task force, there will be regular reporting to the board, and reports to the congregation at its annual meeting each June. Meeting minutes will be available to all, and members of the task force are here to answer questions.

Members of the task force represent a spectrum of interests and involvement in the life of our church. Membership includes Lee Dorigan and Bob Weiss (co-chairs), Kristi Brennan, Dave Baumgart (secretary), Seth Hamilton, Mary Anderson, Jason Puracal, Abbie Birmingham, Jane Sisk, and Vic Bloomfield.

The task force will rely on additional key stakeholders who will help with specific tasks as necessary and who will provide feedback and guidance to task force members. If you are interested in volunteering your expertise as needed later in 2016, please contact one of the task force members.

Town Hall: March 19, 11:30 a.m.

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