Flower Team

We have a wonderful group of people who provide flowers and arrangements in the church all year round. You may wonder what it is that they do. It is a little like being flower fairies: you see the end result but not how they make the magic that you see. The team creates approximately 11 arrangements each week; times that by 52 and you have 572 a year. They also do extra arrangements through the year when needed. Thanks to this wonderful ministry team, East Shore does not have to spend $12,000 to $15,000 a year on flowers. So the next time you see a flower fairy, please let her know how much you appreciate her. The Flower Ministry Team is always looking for others who want to help with the flowers. No experience is needed, as they will train you how to make the arrangements.

Grounds Team

If you like getting your hands dirty, this is the group for you! We keep the grounds nice and beautiful from helping with raking to making sure the buildings are in tip-top shape.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden provides a beautiful natural area in close proximity to the church where people can find a peaceful environment in which to meditate on the cycles and meanings of life. All memorial plants are tagged with both the type of plant and the name of the person being memorialized. Families are invited to place a one-page biography in a book kept in the minister’s office. The people’s names are installed on the memorial plaque in the Sanctuary. In this way our members and our congregation as a whole can honor and remember our loved ones who have died. The committee will continue to maintain the garden with occasional major clean-ups as well as ongoing weeding, pruning, and watering during the dry months. Additional committee members and maintenance volunteers are welcome.


Join us in redeveloping our retired farm parcel next to Holly House, in support of the earth and our community. A weedy tangle of vines is giving way to delightfully productive garden space through our efforts. Our gardening methods are naturally sustainable, conserving water, soil and wildlife resources. Half of our produce is donated to social justice causes of the gardeners’ choice. Check out the P-Patch; interact and join if you like.