Adult Programs

This group helps oversee the adult programming offered at East Shore.

Beloved Conversations

This curriculum is an 8 week exploration of issues of race, culture and ethnicity. Participants uncover their “Big Assumptions” about life, identity and what’s normal. Through this process of discovery, we recognize the many subtle and unconscious ways that differences in race, culture, economic status, gender and gender identity, etc. adversely affect our ability to truly meet and appreciate people of diverse cultures and races and ethnicities.

Participants also apply their individual learning and experience to our shared life as a religious community. We ask “How does East Shore invite or inhibit the participation in the life of the congregation through our unquestioned assumptions and ways of doing things?” We challenge ourselves to think outside of our own skin and to entertain multiple perspectives. It is exciting and a bit unnerving at times.

Meditation Groups

Mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly accepted and widely practiced throughout all levels of society. Its popularity is supported by a growing body of empirical evidence which demonstrates a wide array  of physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.  If you are interested in exploring or developing a personal meditation practice, East Shore provides two weekly group sessions, on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings. Both sessions generally follow the same format of an opening check-in/support, guided meditation, and silent meditation. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions, whether on a drop-in or regular basis. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Sessions are: Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m. and Monday Evening at 7:00 p.m. Please join us!


Yoga classes are held each Monday and Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m.