COP27 Coming in November

Nov 1, 2022 | News

The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be held in Egypt November 6-18.

Last year’s COP26 in Glasgow received a lot of press. Recall the many gatherings and marches outside the meeting? Last year Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM), followed the coverage and offered a coffee hour breakout session on some of the takeaways about COP26. Some highlights were: fossil fuels mentioned in formal proceedings for the first time, voluntary pledges to reduce deforestation, some countries agreed to cut methane emissions, and richer nations agreed to help fund poorer nations for emission reduction and climate adaptability. COP27 is focused on how to implement these promises. Noteworthy, there was  increased indigenous  participation.

UU Ministry for Earth (MFE) will be offering facilitated discussions and daily updates starting November 2. You can register at: UUMFE COP 27

Global Witness has a great website:  Everything You Need to Know about COP27

It says the most contentious issues will be climate finance. How much should richer nations finance, how much should be for emissions reduction, and how much for climate adaptation, should there be debt relief, and some developing nations are asking for climate reparations.

There is concern that cost of travel may limit participation by developing countries, indigenous groups, and other environmental groups.

ECAM will offer short email updates on activities inside and outside the meeting halls. Email Kristi Weir if you want to be on the email list.

by Kristi Weir, Earth & Climate Action Ministry Team Chair