COVID Food Relief Final Update

Jul 24, 2021 | Beacon, COVID, Justice, News

This year the congregation showed up in force, giving generously to the annual East Shore Auction 2020 Fund-A-Need: The COVID Food Relief Project. This was a project envisioned to get East Shore responding to the ongoing pandemic crisis and acting as one. We collected over $20,000 to support this innovative community ministry. The project was envisioned from the get go to be accountable and accessible to everyone in our community from kids through adults. It was designed to be hands-on with donors, and has reported regularly with opportunities to volunteer and with updates on spending.

Infinite thanks to the committed steering committee of Grace Colton, Karen Ramsahai, new member Tina Hays, friend Colleen Lamb, youth Libby Myers, Carrie Bowman, and Laurie Wick who have been steadfast in the project’s implementation. The team met weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the demands of the project to plan, delegate, and make decisions. Each member of the steering team took on regular responsibilities and helped to fill several essential roles. Each member of the team was able to self-select these roles based on their own interest and skillset, and the team was enthusiastic, welcoming, and supportive toward one another.

With such a high demand for resources, the team navigated partnership building and a variety of assessments of needs to help determine the best use of our time and money. We were able to navigate these complex conversations with ease and genuine listening. We also were mindful of our own limitations and capacities, and readily welcomed the yeses and “no’s” we could each contribute. We want to especially thank the innumerable children, youth, and adults who gave of their hands, hearts, and treasures during this project, and to the community partner organizations Jubilee Reach, the Food Bank Farm, and Backpack Meals for Kids who welcomed our community into theirs! 

In June we were able to make an additional financial donation to Good Start Back to School, a program we’ve supported for many years. With COVID-19, school children in the Bellevue School District have shown an increase in need for access to basic supplies. Our donation to this program goes directly to purchasing items for the new school year in September. In our graphs, this donation is combined  with its parent organization, Backpack Meals for Kids. Special thanks to Lori Saccardi for helping us connect with them this year, and to all the members of the congregations whose work in the community lifts us all up and keeps us closer together. 

See the goals and strategies here.

by amanda alice uluhan