COVID Food Relief Update: June 2021

Apr 30, 2021 | COVID, News

The COVID Food Relief Fund-a-Need continues to provide much needed financial, volunteer, and supplies donations to our partner organizations. In April 2021, we donated an additional $2,000 to Backpack Meals for Kids. Along with Holy Cross Lutheran, St. Louise Catholic church, St. Madeleine Sophie, Aldersgate Methodist, St. Margaret Episcopal, St. Andrew’s Lutheran, and Cross of Christ Lutheran, we gave generously to help our neighbors get the food they need.

There are many ways to get involved! The Food Relief Project will continue running through the end of June, the church’s financial year. If you’ve enjoyed this project as much as we have, we plan to continue modeling our robust social justice and ministry week in this style, with hands-on, all-ages opportunities to contribute directly to the wellbeing of our beloved, local community.

Jubilee Reach

The each Monday of the month, East Shore volunteers take 15 well-stocked bags of groceries to add to the more than 700 bags of groceries distributed by and to our neighbors via Jubilee Reach.

Seed Sowing at Food Bank Farm 

On a warm and sunny Saturday, April 17, two East Shorians visited Food Bank Farm to see how seeds are sown! These pictures and video will give you the whole story. We started with putting flats together, filled them with Farm made soil, pressed the seeds into the flats (see video), topped them with soil, and placed them in the greenhouse where they germinate and grow until they are ready for planting. We sowed pumpkin and squash seeds. Fun fact: the seeds in the video are coated with a fungicide that turns them blue!

Planting at Food Bank Farm, Saturday, May 15

Join together planting at the Food Bank. It’s a chance to get outside, and off the screen, enjoying the fresh air, learning about food growing and how far generosity can go! Planting is done standing up by using a tool that makes a hole in the ground and drops the plant into the hole. No bending down required! Farmer Jim says this work is suitable for children with supervision, youth, families, adults….everyone! We have a chance to work and learn outside at The Food Bank Farm in Snohomish. Please RSVP by emailing Grace Colton.

Event Coordinator

East Shore’s COVID 19 Food Relief team could use your help with coordinating Food Bank Farm events for East Shore. It’s building community. You and I would split hosting events at the Farm and the writing of notices for church communications. Email Grace.

by Grace Colton & amanda alice uluhan, Director of Religious Education