East Shore At-Home OLD

Stay Connected while we’re physically distant. Engage through our new East Shore At-Home website and by participating in regularly scheduled online meetups throughout the week.

Click here to go to the East Shore At-Home website.  You’ll find activities, stories, and songs for unique learning opportunities throughout the week. You’ll also find a growing body of resources to support parenting and community connection.

Connect with East Shore Religious Education throughout the week by tuning into these online gatherings. For more information on our programs and to find links, email us now.

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Find Families at East Shore Facebook GroupA Facebook Group for East Shore RE Families. If you are interested in connecting with RE activities and families with children and youth at East Shore, you may want to join the Families at East Shore Unitarian Church Facebook group.
Google Calendar for Kids at East Shore eventsAdd the Kids at East Shore Google Calendar to your device.