Finances for Classes

When proposing and organizing a class or workshop at East Shore, please consider the following financial protocol.

Class Income:

  • Most of our class offerings at East Shore are free of charge. This encourages a wide range of participants.
  • Any fees charged to participants are to pay for the total cost of material expenses, such as supplies and books.
  • For outside presenters who have an honorarium, class fees must be set to include this expense (see below).
  • Class fees may be paid by credit card online at time of registration. These fees go directly to East Shore’s Adult Programs.
  • Fees may also be collected in person by the instructor in the form of cash or check when the class is held. All fees collected by the instructor must be submitted to the Bookkeeper in an envelope which is clearly identified as to the class name, the instructor name and the first date of the class.
  • Adult Program Committee and Aisha Hauser, Director of Lifelong Learning, will help you establish any costs associated with your class.

Class Expenses:

  • Congregant teachers/facilitators are not paid for presenting classes at East Shore.
  • Expenses for materials are reimbursed by the completion of the Check Request Form. Receipts must be submitted when requesting reimbursement.
  • Sometimes, when East Shore hosts outside speakers, facilitators or teachers, an honorarium is provided with funds covered by fees to registrants. Honoraria must be approved in advance by the Adult Program Committee and Director of Lifelong Learning. Each honorarium is a fixed amount, regardless of the number of class participants. The East Shore organizer must obtain a completed W-9 from the presenter and must fill out an East Shore Check Request Form with the presenter’s name, address, staff authorizations, and amount. These must be submitted to the Bookkeeper the week before the check is needed. All forms can be provided by East Shore’s Bookkeeper or Director of Lifelong Learning. The check, once printed, must be picked up from the bookkeeper. Honoraria can also be mailed directly to guest presenters.


  • No sales or promotions of books, CD’s, other merchandise or marketing of business activities may be conducted on East Shore property.