East Shore Gallery: Looking Ahead

Oct 31, 2017 | News

Some new changes are coming to the East Shore Gallery! Recently, the leadership of the Gallery decided to dis-ban due to lack of interest and frustration with the tax laws East Shore is required to follow. Significant property tax liability makes the way the Gallery operated for 50 years no longer an option. Any questions regarding the tax laws can refer to the report from our Director of Finance and Operations in the June 2017 Board Packet.

So what’s next? That’s to be determined! I have written a new charter for the team and am currently in the process of seeking out individuals who are interested in the new gallery team. This team would be responsible for deciding if they will have shows, what art would hang, and the timing. The new team would also look at art throughout the campus, and would help keep a database of the art currently beautifying our campus.

One hope is that the new team will work with other Core and Ministry Teams to make each space work for the current purpose while keeping an aesthetic appeal to a certain caliber. East Shore has a beautiful campus, and this team will help enhance it!

If you are interested in being a part of this team, which will meet on Sundays after worship once a month, please contact Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager at [email protected].