East Shore Gets Out the Vote – Update October 2020

Oct 2, 2020 | Climate, Justice, News

Wow, we’ve had a fantastic level of support for this project.  Over 75 members are involved with writing postcards, printing letters and making phone calls.  Children are helping to write postcards and some youth are expressing interest in texting voters too.  In addition, many members have reached out to their friends and family members for help with writing postcards, so our influence has spread far and wide. As a church we’ve been responsible for getting at least 12,000 postcards mailed to marginalized and purged voters in some of the southern states where some of the worst abuses limiting access to voting have happened. All this adds up to really putting East Shore on the map as a church that gets things done.

We’re not done yet!  We’ll still be sending postcards up to October 10th. If you can write more postcards, or start writing some, please contact Lynn Roesch (Kirkland), Marilyn Mayers (Bellevue) or David Edfeldt (Issaquah) to collect postcards and all the supplies you’ll need.  If you prefer to print letters, contact Geri Kennedy, Laurie Wick or Kristi Weir.

As we move closer to the election, making phone calls will be the most effective thing we can do.  If you’d like to join a phone bank, UU the Vote is coordinating phone banking events – check out the dates HERE.  You can also dial voters directly through Reclaim our Vote.  Register HERE with them directly to learn more.

If you’re not able to participate, but would like to make a donation, UU the Vote is a great organization to support.  They focus on organizing and making grants to local organizations in critical states, to really make a difference.  Watch their video and then click on the link below the video to make a donation.

Ensuring that every citizen has the right to vote, the information they need, and access to polls or mail in ballots is critical to ensuring that our democracy represents all of its citizens.  We are making a real difference in helping to ensure that happens.

by Amanda Strombom