East Shore Outdoors Group

Sep 28, 2019 | News

Enjoy being outdoors?  Join the East Shore Outdoors group

The East Shore Outdoors group is a warm and friendly community of members and friends of East Shore who like to get outdoors and do active things.  We come together on any particular day, to share our love for the great scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and to walk, hike, snowshoe, ski or other activities. 

To receive emails when an activity is offered, please contact Amanda Strombom.

In general we plan events for 2nd Wednesdays during the day, and 4th Saturdays.  Upcoming planned events include:

  • Wed Oct 9th – Mushrooming with Bill Austin
  • Sat Oct 26th  – Local hike (Squak Mountain) with Amanda Strombom
  • Wed Nov 6th – Local hike (Coal Creek) with Kristi Weir
  • Sat Nov 23rd  – Hike (TBD) with Linda Freeburg
  • Thurs Dec 5th – Local hike (Licorice Fern Hike) with Connie Hirnle
  • Sat Dec 14th – possible birding walk
  • Sat Jan 25th – possible snowshoeing activity

A related group, called Folks on Spokes, arranges regular gentle bicycle rides, usually on weekdays, including stopping at a restaurant for lunch, throughout the drier months.  Contact Doug Strombom to be included on their email list.

If you want to join in the fun, but don’t see something that works for you, feel free to make a suggestion or offer to lead an event.  Contact Bill Austin to discuss your ideas.