East Shore Rally for Global Climate Strike on September 20

Sep 28, 2019 | Climate, News

In solidarity with youth calling on policymakers to act decisively on climate change during the week of Climate Strikes, a number of East Shore members supported and attended local youth-led events. 

To help build momentum for the Sunrise movement on the Eastside specifically, six East Shore members attended an event at Houghton Beach Park in Kirkland.  There fourteen-year old students opened and led the session.  Dr. Heather Price, a chemistry faculty member at North Seattle College and leading climate activist spoke about the current and future impact of carbon emissions on climate. 

A crowd of about 300 listened attentively and joined in chants.  Infants, teenagers, seniors, American citizens and foreign ESL students from Bellevue College all came together to call for action.  Young children expressed their concerns and hopes by chalk drawings on the sidewalk and painting a large globe.  Adults and youth made and waved signs in a show of their support.  Everyone came away committed to learning and doing more.

Other East Shore members waved signs along 148th Avenue in Bellevue to support of the Global Climate Strike. Some rallied at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.