East Shore Reunited: Auction 2021

Aug 31, 2021 | Auction, Beacon, News, Top News

East Shore holds an auction every year in November to build community and raise money for the church. This year we are aiming to REUNITE EAST SHORE with a live event, if Covid numbers allow! We will still be managing the auction online, including the catalog and the bidding, so that everyone can participate, but we are also planning a free live event in the church for the evening of Saturday November 13th, to help us all REUNITE! Be sure to keep that date free!  A parallel zoom event will be held online for those who are unable or uncomfortable to be there in person.

We’d love to bring the East Shore community together by having every member or friend involved in some way, so now is the time to start thinking about what YOU can contribute.  Traditionally many of us fill our social calendars with events we bid on at East Shore’s auction, and we’re hoping that you can offer an event or service to other members and friends of East Shore as part of this.

Themed dinners and other food-focused events are always popular as they help us to build community by sharing a meal together, but activities such as group bike rides and hikes, family friendly events such as picnics, visits to farms, zoos or other outdoor locations, and online events which enable everyone to participate, can all contribute to the church and the community.

In addition to events, services such as gardening, handyman assistance, and offering rides to the airport are always popular, and physical items such as artwork, food, crafts, gift baskets and gift cards or certificates are particularly welcome.  Here’s a list of Auction Contribution ideas 2021 to help you come up with what you can do.

The Auction Team will be contacting you to see what ideas you have, so start contacting your friends if you’d like to team up with someone, and start planning.  You can complete this Contribution Form when you’re ready, or contact any of the following members of the Auction Team to discuss your ideas.

Jim Shuman, Amanda Strombom, Caroline Haessly, Nancy Bissell

Please enter your donation to East Shore’s Auction here: Contribution Form