East Shore’s Auction 2021 is Almost Here!

Oct 30, 2021 | Auction, Beacon, Members Only, News

November 6-13

We’re so excited to be bringing you East Shore’s 2021 Auction! The Auction team have been hard at work preparing everything, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity and creativity of East Shore members in contributing items for you to bid on.

Check out the catalog now with no commitment, and start to plan which items you will bid on. Once registered, you can “star” the items you plan to bid on to keep track of them. We have almost 120 items for you to bid on in this year’s auction!

Register to participate now if you are ready to get started. It’s free to participate, although you will need to provide a credit card number upfront if you want to bid. Your credit card won’t be charged until Sunday, November 14, so If you prefer to pay by a different method, be sure to let us know.

Once registered, you’ll be able to track the items you plan to bid on. There’s even an Auctria app for Android phones/tablets and iPhones that you can download, so that you can bid more easily while you’re out and about, or during a Zoom session. Log on using the same email and password you registered with. It’s a good idea to have this ready for the Live event.

The auction will be available for you to start bidding on Saturday, November 6 at 9:00 am!

Live Auction: Saturday, November 13, 6:30-8:30 pm

Bidding on all items will continue through until the evening of Saturday, November 13, when we’ll be holding a unique Virtual Live Auction event. At this event, we will offer the opportunity to bid on a few specially selected “live” items, and close out the bidding on the rest. You’ll also be able to meet friends, new and old, in break-out rooms, chat with friends about your bids, and enjoy musical interludes.

We encourage you to get together in small groups in your own homes during the live auction, so you can bid together and have some fun. Be sure to keep the evening of November 13 from 6:30 pm onward clear for this event. It’s free and all are welcome, even if you’re not bidding, so come join in the fun! Here’s how to access the Zoom event: Log into room 851 5004 5080, Passcode: Auction


The software, Auctria, we are using for this auction is very simple to use, and most of you won’t need any special guidance. For those who would like some extra hand holding, you can either email Jim Shuman, Beth Wilson, Rachel Herbert (iPhone expert) or Amanda Strombom and request a time to talk with them by phone or Zoom, or if you’re stuck right now, call Jim Schuman (206-850-6021) or Amanda Strombom (425-351-6171) and we’ll do our best to help!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the live auction and feel comfortable bidding, so we’re offering special support events during the live auction. If you’d like to have some support, please contact Jim to join him in Spring Hall or Beth at Silver Glen that evening and bid together.

We hope to raise lots of money for the church and to have a lot of fun!

by Amanda Strombom, Auction Chair