East Shore’s Winter Altars

Oct 29, 2020 | Children and Youth, News

Throughout the summer, we’ve been blessed to have a Black Lives Matter Altar just outside our Sanctuary walls for members and neighbors to deepen in reflection and mourning. For our winter months, we invite you to join us in building two: one outside and one inside!

Altar of Hope: Outside

The BLM Altar will be refreshed, this time with Hope as our theme: what wakes you up to act? Take time to share words or photos of hope you have for the future. Use this alter as a way to reflect and refresh after the election. Share photos of you voting – though please do NOT politicize this and keep the table non-partisan.

Ancestral Altar: Inside

Inside, we’ll have an Ancestor Altar that will include some of our friends and members who have passed away. Items on the altar can include photos, art, a sentimental object, something from nature, or even a piece of food. Altars are used in religions around the world to harness collective energy and intention. If you want the item returned, please make sure you put your name on it.

The outside altar will be available to enjoy throughout November and December. The inside altar will be lifted up during our virtual worship services. “The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” ― Joanna Macy.

by Amanda Uluhan & Nicole Duff