ECAM & 350 Eastside Updates

Nov 19, 2021 | Beacon, Climate, News

Did you know that East Shore sponsors monthly programs organized by 350/Eastside?  Want to learn more about climate actions underway in our state, the country, and the world? For more information or to join 350 Eastside’s Mailing list, go to world.350/org/eastside/ On December 15th at 7:00, come join 350/Eastside and our Earth & Climate Action ministry team to learn more about:

Washington Can’t Wait Campaign: Updating the GMA for Today’s Challenges

Futurewise’s Washington Can’t Wait Campaign is an initiative to fight for action on climate change, environmental justice, and housing equity by passing the biggest changes to the Growth Management Act in three decades. Please visit the WA Can’t Wait Campaign website and plan to attend the December 15th 350 Eastside Community Meeting to learn more and get involved.

Washington Fair Trade Coalition

Hillary Haden, of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition will also attend the December 15, 350 Eastside Community meeting to brief people on the fossil fuel industry’s increasing use of free trade agreements to undermine climate action. In a nutshell:  This July, the company TC Energy launched a suit against the United States under NAFTA challenging the Biden administration’s decision to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. They’re demanding $15 billion in compensation for their “lost expectation of future profits.” This is just one of dozens of similar trade suits challenging and undermining climate policies around the world.  We have an opportunity to eliminate these attacks altogether, and Hillary will offer some information on how we can do that.

East King County Public Utility District Campaign

The Yes to EKC PUD campaign seeks to bring clean, reliable, and cheaper electricity to the East King County region.  EKC PUD aims to take back public control over our electricity system. A public utility district will be subject to what we need rather than a system privately owned and controlled by foreign investors who live out of the country and aim to maximize profit.  To learn more about this campaign, visit : We look forward to your joining us via Zoom on Wednesday, December 15th at 7:00 p.m. Join Zoom Meeting: 868 6945 1092, Passcode: 346353

by Marilyn Mayers