ECAM Endorses “Washington Can’t Wait”

Dec 21, 2020 | News

East Shore’s Earth & Climate Action Ministry Team (ECAM) endorses “Washington Can’t Wait” campaign by Futurewise to put pressure on state legislators to be on the right side of history in addressing climate change, housing affordability, and environmental justice by passing major updates to the Growth Management Act (GMA) in 2021.

The GMA was passed 30 years ago to address urban sprawl and to protect critical habitat through comprehensive planning by cities and counties. Yet, there are gaps in the planning as affordable housing, climate change, and environmental justice are not addressed.

Why Now?

There is a brief window to make big changes to the GMA before Washington’s cities and counties embark on their next comprehensive plan updates, which will lock in policy for the next decade.

If we want the convenience of grocery stores and schools close to homes in all neighborhoods; if we feel there should be lots of choices in the kind of homes available in all neighborhoods; and we want all neighborhoods to be free of pollution and have open spaces, then we need comprehensive planning. We need to update the GMA to make this possible.

Please consider signing on as an individual on Futurewise’s online petition. (In the comment line, you might consider adding, “member of East Shore Unitarian Church.”)

For more information on the campaign..

by Kristi Weir, ECAM Chair