ECAM Update on Climate Bills

Jun 2, 2021 | Beacon, Climate, News

There was a great legislative session for climate and environmental bills! Here are a few stand outs.

HB 1220: This bill will update the Growth Management Act to address WA’s housing crisis by working to end discrimination in our housing policies and plan for affordable housing. ECAM endorsed Washington Can’t Wait push to past this legislation.

HB 1091: Clean Fuel Standard. The state’s new fuel standards will slowly lower the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses coming out of vehicle tailpipes through 2035.

The Climate Commitment Act: a market-based Cap and Trade Program would set a statewide “cap/credit” on greenhouse gas emissions that steadily shrinks over time. Companies must reduce their GHG emissions or buy credits from companies whose emissions are below their cap. The total number credits/cap would shrink each year, increasing the price of pollution, incentivizing use on non-fossil fuels.

by Kristi Weir, chair