Endowment Fund

It is important to secure the future of East Shore. The following information will help you find out how our beloved church is establishing a firm financial foundation so that future generations will be able to enjoy the wonderful religious freedom we all have now at East Shore.

Ways to Give to Endowment

Direct Gifts

A gift in any amount, no matter how small, to the endowment fund will help our church. Gifts remembering birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, holidays, or just honoring our church are always welcome.
Any personal gift to East Shore will receive a dollar for dollar deduction on the donor’s income tax return. Appreciated stocks can be given directly to the endowment fund. The donor receives the tax deduction and avoids paying capital gains tax that would be due if the assets were sold. Property, real estate, and other assets can also be gifted and receive the same tax treatment.

Life Income Gifts

Many individuals wish to make a gift during their lifetime and receive income from that gift. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the easiest and most often used are the UUA Charitable Gift Annuity and the UUA Pooled Income Fund. Besides receiving an excellent quarterly income payment, you also receive an income tax deduction, avoid capital gains taxes, and potentially reduce your estate taxes.


Estate planning gifts to the church are often larger than other gifts, so consultation with a trusted estate planning professional is recommended. One of the best ways to help secure the future of East Shore is to make a gift to the endowment through your will. Usually a simple amendment to the will is all that is necessary.

You can also name East Shore as one of the beneficiaries to an insurance policy or retirement account, for example, an IRA, Keogh, 401k, or other corporate plan. The amount and other conditions of the benefit can be arranged through the plan administrator when the beneficiary designation is made.

The Elliot Marple Bequest Society

This society honors members who have made bequests or life income gifts and is named for the late Elliot Marple, a founder of East Shore Unitarian Church and Endowment Committee, a past president of our congregation, and a much loved friend to many in our church and community.

More Information

The Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1981 by several visionary members who wished to keep our church secure in the event of a severe financial crisis. The fund also provides an annual distribution that is used to support the operating budget, capital reserves, and other equipment and program needs. The fund is invested in a diversified portfolio which has grown significantly over the years. Our fund is professionally managed by Greene Wealth Management, with a focus on low-cost index funds.

Take Action

If you would like to make a gift, checks may be sent directly to the church, payable to East Shore Unitarian Church with a memo line to the Endowment Fund.

If you have any questions, contact our Director of Finance and operations at extension 110 or [email protected].

You can also find more information on estate planning and charitable giving at www.UUA.org/Giving.

If you have investment, finance, or business experience — or if you have an interest in helping secure the long-term future of the church, whatever your skill set — please reach out. We are always looking for new members for the Endowment Committee.

A gift to the endowment is a wonderful legacy that will help secure our future as a beacon of liberal religious thought and action.