ESUC Delegation Will Visit Our Kashi Partners in March 2023

Dec 23, 2022 | Beacon, Justice, News

About eight members of our congregation will pay a visit to the Khasi Hills in NE India in March 2023. This will be a time to renew ties and build new friendships with our Khasi Unitarian partners. While we are there, we will hold several important meetings with our Khasi partners to discuss their church programs, the Friendship School, and our sponsorship program for 20 Khasi students.

We have been separated from our partners by pandemic restrictions on travel for far too long, and there is much to catch up on. We do regularly communicate through apps like WhatsApp, but there is no substitute for meeting in person. We are excited that this will be the first visit to the Khasi Hills for several of our members. It is such a rewarding experience, and we gain so much from our exposure to Khasi culture.

We will hold a Send Off Event at East Shore the week of March 5. We want to include as many of our members as possible in the partnership… especially those who cannot go with us on the pilgrimage this year. East Shore members will have an opportunity to write greeting cards that we will carry to our partners in the Smit and Kharang churches.

If you would like to know more about this pilgrimage in March, please contact Barb Clagett or Doug Strombom. We appreciate your ongoing interest in and support of these wonderful partnerships that East Shore has with Unitarians on the far side of the world. Khublei!

by Roger Corn