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Seabeck 2022: Inside Out

Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30

Seabeck 2022: Inside Out


Friday, May 27
Monday, May 30
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WA United States

Join us in our first in-person gathering since May of 2019! East Shore’s own multi talented Director of Music, Eric Lane Barnes, will be sharing his talents with us at the retreat. Offerings for the weekend will include opportunities for both inner and outer reflection and growth.

We are creating a safer camp experience by moving activities to existing outside spaces or to free standing tents. We will focus on smaller group activities that will give greater flexibility to the weekend and will result in more Covid safety. We will also offer an outside dining option. In addition, housing at Seabeck includes that over half of the beds at Seabeck have private baths and many have private entrances.

2022 Featured Speaker: Eric Lane Barnes

Eric may be most known to some as the Director of Music for East Shore Unitarian Church. Eric is ALSO a composer, writer, lyricist, pianist, director, conductor, performer and advocate for LGBTQ rights. He loves to explore all the ways music can connect people with themselves, with one another, and with the world around them. He has also studied meditation extensively, focusing on the works of Pema Chödrön. He will be giving 2 workshops over the weekend covering music and meditation and the ways we can connect inside and out. (ericlanebarnes.com).

Weekend Theme: Inside Out 

In addition to workshops led by Eric Lane Barnes, there will be plentiful opportunities for both inner and outer reflection and growth. Camp themed workshops (think Scout camp!); discussions of a common reading, Breathe, by Imani Perry; musical workshops and performances; and many other workshops and activities led by attendees will abound.

What is Seabeck?

Seabeck is the annual church retreat on Memorial Day weekend. It is held at the beautiful Seabeck retreat center, overlooking the Olympic mountains on the Hood Canal. This is a wonderful way to get involved with the East Shore and/or University Unitarian congregations and feel more connected. You will spend the weekend in community with other East Shore and University Unitarian Church members (it has been a joint retreat and tradition for over 40 years!) and there are continual opportunities to meet and get to know other Unitarian Universalists. Seabeck is an intentionally inclusive and multi-generational experience.

If you bring your children, many age-appropriate activities are organized for them and, before you know it, they will have made friends and will be running around with other children.

Activities, workshops, worship events, and musical collaborations for the adults are all optional, but can be very rewarding given the extraordinary richness of our talented community.  Activities such as the Opening Ceremony, the Talent Show, a Sing-along, S’mores, UU Olympics and Salmon Bake are just a few of the beloved gatherings that bring people back to this weekend retreat year after year.

More Workshops

There will be many other workshops offered by other attendees—like you—from our wonderful communities. Think about bringing your own talents to share with others, formally (in workshops offered) or informally, throughout the weekend as we gather, share and grow community, with families and elders alike.

Children’s Program

Your kids will have many opportunities to learn, explore, play, create and make lasting friendships. The Children and Youth Programming is always a joyful experience for all involved, and we look forward to having your kids participate with us!


All adult campers are required to volunteer during the weekend. Volunteer roles are fun, not too time consuming, and a great way to feel involved. You will be contacted separately by our Volunteer Coordinator, Amanda Strombom with a list of ways you can help. Questions? Email Amanda directly at .

Covid Safe Practices

The weekend is designed to be as Covid safe as possible while maintaining the sense of community that we seek. All attendees 5 and older are required to be fully vaccinated and mask policy will be based on the current risk level of King County designated by Covid Act Now. The detailed policy for the weekend is here: Covid Safe Practices (updated May 2022). Most events will be held outdoors, including an option for outdoor dining, and we have redesigned the weekend to feature smaller workshops rather than a large central program. We recognize that we all have varying levels of comfort with Covid risk and will have ways to communicate that on our nametags. As a caring community, it will be our responsibility to respect and care for those who feel the risk more acutely, and to find ways to be inclusive of all. 

How to Attend

Register Here!

For any questions, email [email protected] and we’ll forward your question to the relevant team member.

Registration Rates for 2022

  • Registration is on a first come-first serve basis at esuc.org.
  • This year, there is the option to “hold” your registration for $50.00 per person with the intention of paying in full at a later date.
  • Registration and housing assignments will only be considered complete upon full payment for your weekend.
  • If you do NOT receive an email confirmation back, your registration was not completed properly (check your spam!)!
  • Please note your full payment will be due by May 8, 2022 or you will forfeit your registration position.
  • If you need assistance registering, please contact Jeanne Lamont (Registrar) or Nicole Duff (ESUC Director of Membership Development).
  • Remember, we offer Scholarships to assist with the registration deposits and fees. Please contact Beth Wilson (Dean) or Nicole Duff if you need financial assistance.
  • If paying by check, please note full payment must be received by May 8, 2022 as well. Make check payable to “ESUC” and write “Seabeck” in the memo line. Drop it by the office or mail to: East Shore Unitarian Church, Attn: Nicole Duff, 12700 SE 32nd Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.


Refer to the Seabeck website for housing descriptions. Pricing includes accommodations for 3 nights (Fri-Sunday), eight family-style meals (Friday dinner buffet through Monday breakfast), and the weekend programming for all ages. Housing is allocated based on a first come, first served basis from date deposit is received. Special needs and the space available for the size of your family is taken into consideration. A single person staying alone in a multiple-bed room pays an extra $150. Scholarships are available for those in need of assistance.

  • Tier 1 Housing – Salal, Huckleberry, Spruce, Pines (limited single rooms are available for an additional $50)
  • Tier 2 Housing: Reeser, Inn, Inn Annex (Single Rooms), Madrona
  • Tier 3: Firs, Hemlock, Cedars, Maples, Tamarack

Cancellation Policy

  • Prior to 30 days in advance of the Retreat, a registration refund of any money paid (including the deposit) shall be 100%.
  • Between 7 and 30 days in advance of the Retreat, a lodging refund of 100% money paid minus the deposit of $50 per attendee will be refunded.
  • Less than 7 days before the retreat, there shall be no room registration refund provided.
  • Full refund of any funds paid to anyone on the waiting list who is unable to attend (or who chooses to remove themself from the waiting list).


More Information

Each year, East Shore and University Unitarian meet at the Seabeck Conference Center on Hood Canal over Memorial Day for a weekend of fun, fellowship, learning, music and relaxation.

Stay Connected

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Your 2022 Seabeck Team

Dean: Beth Wilson (ESUC)
Registrar: Jeanne Lamont (ESUC)
Musical Entertainment: John Chmaj, Barb Clagett (ESUC), and Kathy Roché-Zukjo
Children and Youth Programing: Becky Andrews (UUC)
Volunteer Coordinator: Amanda Strombom(ESUC)
Workshops Coordinator: Kathy Forrest (ESUC)
Spiritual Coordinator: Justin Almeida (UUC)
Welcoming & Inclusion Lead: Amanda Strombom (ESUC)
Supplies Coordinator: David Langrock (UUC)
Grounds and Skies: John Angell (ESUC)
ESUC Staff Lead: Nicole Duff, ESUC Director of Membership Development

Event Details

Transportation & Parking

Seabeck Conference Center is located at 13395 Lagoon Dr NW, Seabeck, WA 98380


Friday, May 27
Monday, May 30
Event Category:


Off Site
WA United States